1 pm! Senior reporters make controversial: to force Chinese football into desperation, ball fans

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon of November 13, Beijing, China’s football came from the latest news. There is still a game behind, far from the end of the world? And this point of view has attracted a lot of fans.

Lu Yan said: “In 1997, Li Tie has been shouting in 20Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey21. If you can lean to change Li Tie, then the Chinese team’s probacity has already entered the World Cup, on the one hand, the periplinary is a The series has not ended yet, and the national football is even more than four years ago.

On the other hand, we have used it to Li Tie, and we can use it. There is no better choice, I think it is debatable, the employer is undoubted, the suspect is not used, the professional thing is still going to the professional people to do, there is a game, far from the end of the world. “

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It can be seen from Lu Yan’s state that he is still more supported by Li Tie, thinking that it should not replace the national football coach. Although Lu Yan also gives more reasons, but also choose to give Li Tie at this time. Opportunity, this is not only equal to the intestinement of Chinese football into the desperation, but also attracted a lot of fans.

There is a fan saying: “This level can also be a reporter! If you live in South America, you can estimate that you can go to the Mbappé Jersey calendar.” There is also a fan saying: “There is such XXX, the thickness is shameful, and the Chinese football is burning. Money gathel, salary treatment of the world level, kicking the ball. “

Of course, there is also a fan saying: “I have seen the first half, I feel that the technology of Li Tie blules has improved, before it is single-handed angle, now the rotation of the rotation, the frequency is very good, and occasionally perform high difficulty corners while blowing It is powerful! This reporter is head, no head, is anxious! “” According to this reporter’s logic, he has not changed the Li Tie China team to the World Cup. It has a fight with Oman Li.

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