3-1, La Liga, the big eruption, 4 minutes 2 goals, anti-super Barcelona kills the European wa seat area overnight

The winning AC Milan has also passed a good news. That is, they spend 13 million euros from the 1 million euros from the Great champion Lille, Meni, in the first official game, AC Milan The only goal into the ball is breaking news breaking news Menan’s english news direct long-term planning. I saw that Menan kicked directly on the front of the Caiban zone. The ball directly found the front field Kalabria, the latter Middle Road, Dians, which is ambushed here, and the whole process starts from Menan to go to the goal for 10 seconds. Not only that, the 5th minute of opening, Meni sent the ball to the foot of Leo, but the latter will be thrown by the door, and you can say Meni’s go to news long biography. The technology is really AC Milan score cutlery, simple and efficient, one foot hits the upper hinterland of the other party, the striker can get an exciting opportunity, so the door will look at the world football, which can only speak Maltini The eye is quite a spicy. Not only is it too bad, and the game Menian dedicated at least four wonderful passionate balls.

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