50 ball 17 helps the 6 award!Sheng C Luo + La Wan!Exposed Messi to win the golden ball, the official general in the world is best

With the full excellent performance of individuals and teams, Messi will also compete for the world’s best, from the latest official news from FIFA, Messi live news pagehas confirmed the best 11 people candidates in the world, he will be with Ben Zema,Debrah, C Luo, Ji Niio, Canter, Lawan Dosky, Mbpe, Nemar, Sarah, Halland 10 people compete with the world’s best player award, FIFAThe world’s best player’s selection rules are different from the Golden google new india Games. This award is selected by the current coach, captain, senior reporter, and fans registered by FIFA official website. The voting channel is already in the official list of candidates.That is open, until the end of December 10, in accordance with Messi stable performance, and the bre4aking news popularity of the ultra-high industry, he probably won the Golden Globe Award and the FIFA World Best Player Award.

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