Accident! Chinese men’s basketball team 3 players receive NBA scarns, 1 person is expected to officially join next year.

At the men’s basketball team that has just passed, the Chinese team defeated the Japanese team with a large score. Although the Japanese team is not the whole main force, the Chinese team’s performance in these two games has been unanimously recognized by Chinese fans and media.

As we all know, in the face of the Japanese team, the Chinese team’s internal line occupies an overwhelming advantage, the big magic king Zhou Qi is in the internal line of the inner line, let the Japanese team’s internal players are very struggling at both ends of the attack and defense. It can be said that although Zhou Qi has leaving CBA in a short way, his ability has not declined, but it is because the Australian Super League has improved in terms of confrontation.

Because now Zhou Qi has become a member of the Phoenix of Melbourne, the Australian Sports TV Station lives on the Chinese team with the Japanese team. And also pay attention to Zhou Qi’s performance is only in the national team, not only Melbourne Phoenix, is reported that some NBA teams have also watched the live broadcast of these two games, so that Zhou Qi still has the ability to play NBA further confirmation.

In recent time, about Zhou Qi returned to NBA news, the famous sports reporter Su Qun Teacher also revealed that the NBA team has been paying attention to Zhou Qi’s trend, which seems to indicate that after Join the Australian Super League, Week Qi once again received https://www.nbatrikots4.comthe favor of the NBA team.

In the second game of the Chinese team and the Japanese team, Zhou Qi got a large two double data of 24 points and 12 rebounds in the case of only 20 minutes, and the 3 times sent in this game. Hot pot cover, also explaining Zhou Qi’s boxing ability is the world level. With such a good performance, I believe that the NBA scout will increase many impression points to Zhou Qi.

In addition to Zhou Qi, another internal player of the Chinese team also got the attention of the NBA scout. He is a big striker Hu Jinqiu. At this year’s Tokyo Olympics, Hu Jinqiu is the absolute core of China’s three men’s basketball team. He has attracted many foreign clubs in the Olympics.

In the first stage of the CBA, Hu Jinqiu also played the performance of the phenomenon. In the case of 31.9 minutes in the field,
Hu Jinqiu can get 22.2 points 7.3 rebound 1.5 cover, 2 points of the citizens are achieved. 72% of the new high career.

It can be said that Hu Jinqiu this season has entered the career’s golden period. The 24-year-old age is still very young for the CBA League. There will be certain development space in the future, but it is a little big for NBA. . Despite this, this does not affect the interest in NBA scout Hu Jinqiu, after all, there is a huge Chinese market after Hu Jinqiu.

In two consensus with the Japanese team, the Chinese team not only is very obvious, but also in the outside line, the breakthrough and long-term power of the Chinese team guard exceeds a large number of Japanese team players, and in the Chinese team defender Good undoubted is Zhao Rui.

In the second game with the Japanese team, Zhao Rui, who came out, was at the highest 27 of the team, and also sent 5 assists. Such an efficient manifestation also attracted the attention of NBA scouting.

Although Zhao Rui is very good in the performance of the World Prefecture, it has to be said that the body conditions of the Asian defender players are in the NBA. In the past, only the defender of Sun Yue’s height of more than 2 meters can be tonic in the Lakers, and the 25-year-old Zhao Rui is now difficult to meet the requirements of the NBA level team.

From the actual situation of the three players mentioned above, there is only one who wants to join NBA. However, it is also proved that their strength has been recognized. I believe that as long as they continue to work, continue to have excellent performance in the international competition, and join NBA dreams will not be completely destroyed!