Araba: Don’t care about those criticism, I will become stronger

The Austrian Star Araba was again crowned with Bayern in May this year, but he did not lead the Austrian national team to have excellent performance in the European Cup in France. After the European Cup, the Voice of Alaba’s criticism of Alaba was also a variety of defenders, recently said that the voice of these critics made him more powerful.

Alaba has not led the Austrian national team to achieve good results in the European Cup.

Araba told some important moments of this year when they accept the “Picture News”: “Of course,india new today it is a double crown, and the four consecutive crowns are very special, especially when you can also participate. But the European Cup is also A very memorable experience. “

For the criticism of domestic public opinion (there is a media india news news channel even with “European Cup’s frustrated symbol” to describe Alaba), Alba said: “But I have experienced these.” I have become stronger.This creates me, not just as a person, as a player on a field. The criticism after the European Cup made me more powerful. ”

Also Araba also said: “Although I have learned a lot from the French European Cup, I have accumulated a lot of experience. I have accepted the criticism in Austria.This is a new experience for me because I am also relatively young.

The father of Allaba has also returned to the domestic criticism, and believes that the media is a personal attack on Allabel’s entrance.

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