As the world’s football center, who is the best ten stars?

Europe is the center of international football, nature is the land of football superstar. This article lists the best ten big stars in the history of European football (nationality is in Europe).

1. Crujov (Netherlands) was born in April 1947, height was 1.76 meters, and the front waist or striker. The Dutch football godfather, second only to Beli and Marada’s third star, Europe’s greatest stars, three European football, (at the time, have not dd bangla khabarstarted to selection of Mr. World Football), claiming to “Sheng”. In 1974, the World Cup finals cherished the Dade, known as “the greatest security”.

2, Zida (France) was born in June 1972, height is 1.85 meters high, and the secondary field. The best midfielder of the world football in the century. The technology is comprehensive and outstanding, and the ability to read the game is extremely strong, with the ability of a person’s left and right battles. Three world football. Leading the French team continuously won the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 European Cup two contest, in 2006, the World Cup final top Mattraz was punished by the Red Card, which is a generation of migrants in the World Cup.

3, Beckenbauer (West Germany) was born in September 1945, height is 1.81 meters high, and the staff is free. He creating a free person’s google usa site Qing Daofu kick, technology is comprehensive, and it can be better than a number of positions, and there is a “Football Emperor”. In the 1970s, the West German team leaders, two European football. As a captain and coach, he won one of the very few people who won the Cup.

4, C Luo (Portugal) was born in February 1985, a height of 1.85 meters, a senior center or a winger. One of the contemporary football “Double Pride”. With the Argentine superstar, Messi monopolized a 10 consecutive year of the world’s football, C Luo won five times. The physical quality is super group, the desire of shooting is strong, and it is exquisite. His self-discipline is a model of professional players. In 2016, the Portuguese team won the European Cup champion to help Real Madrid won four Champions League champions, including three consecutive news18 com english champions. At present, it is still in Sericus, and 35 years old “elderly” is still outstanding.

5. Prattini (France) was born in June 1955, height 1.79 meters, and the secondary field. One of the best midfielders in the 1978s, the technology is outstanding, the spread is excellent, and the horizontal of the free kick is extremely high. Three European Football Mr. In 1984, the European Cup led the French team to win the championship, Pratina got the best shooter and the best player.

6. Van Basten (Netherlands) was born in October 1964, height 1.88 meters, and the center of the center. It is known as the most perfect center in the history of football, with the reputation of “front line supreme”. Get three European football. In the 1980s, in the past 1990s, with the compatriots in Quert, Rjjkalde jointly created the Milan Dynasty, and ???? helped the Victaa team to win the 1988 European Cup champion.

7, Gaid Muller (West Germany) was born in November 1945, height was 1.76 meters, and the team striker. Gair Muller is not high, but the veritable shooting machine, the top killer in the penalty area, people who are born “goal”. On behalf of the West German Faces, 62 goals in 68 goals, 13 in the World Cup, 14 goals, efficiently and scary! In 1974, the World Cup and Beckenbauer worked together to win the championship.

8. Roumeneg (West Germany) was born in September 1955, height is 1.82 meters high, and the team striker. He is another super striker, and a super forward. Roumeniger speed technology is good, good at disk, is very good, and the first front of the world football in the early 1980s. Compared with the goal of Wade Muller, he is more like the generals on the court, always standing in a critical moment, stabilizing the military heart. Two European football. In 1980, the European Cup led the West German team to win and won the best players.

9. Gulit (Netherlands) was born in September 1962, one of the heights of 1.90 meters, a senior Middle Field, and the Netherlands. Gulit is crazy, the physical technical consciousness is good, can be competent, the leader is expected, and Beckenbau is called “the most perfect football player”! In 1987, Mr. European Football, 1988 European Cup champion.current and breaking news

10. Rick Cald (Netherlands) was born in September 1962, height is 1.89 meters, and the end of the team. Inside the Dutch Sanjuki, Rjjkold is a relatively low-key, but the strength is absolutely not inferior to another. Perhaps he is the strongest rear waist in the history of world football. It is high in terms of high body, strong confrontation, defense and offensive.
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