Axson adds Ding for Chinese football! Into China’s reputation is determined, deliberately give the son Chinese name

In the latest national list, the fans found that the originating players ushered in new faces. As a representative of the first batch of naturalized current news headlines players, Axson has been controversial after the selection of the national football team, in order to express the determination to love China, he announced an important thing to the outside world. He added a future to the Chinese football. NS!

After the first phase of the Super League, Axson had finally squeezed out the full moon banquet for the little son. And when Axson, Axson wrote in social media: “Celebrate the two families of our very love to celebrate the ‘Ahwi’ full moon.” Akson announced his son’s Chinese name in this important moment. Praise in the fans. In the latest developments future, Axson son also wishes to wear a national football robes and contribute to Chinese football.

Axson was named “Elkson” before the injury, and it was simply called Axson after returning. It did not have a huge contrast with the original name as Luo Guo Fu. today hindu news paper Nowadays, Akson’s little son is also born, I will first face a major choice to take the name. Compared with many people like to give the child a name, Axson can slam their identity, using the cultural concept of Chinese and Western combined. The meaning of Ah Wei is also a commemoration of his own legendary history.

Axson took the Chinese name to the little son, but also expressed his determination to love Chinese culture. This shows that he is not only for money to choose a nation, but it is, when he joined the Chinese national family, it shows The high recognition of the culture here, let people see the determination to continue to fight for the flag before the chest.

In addition, Axson also thanked Brazilian fellow Hulk and Oscar to him. Although Axson is already Chinese, he is still a special feeling with the two Brazilian fellows. yesterday national news He can express your love for China at the same time, such emotional business and quality are moving!
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