Bagui basketball master gathers Liujiang PK play skills! Guangxi Basketball League will be held in Liujiang District

On the morning of November 2, Liujiang Lijiang District held a press conference in Qiqi (Liuzhou) Science and Technology City Convention Center, “Liujiang, Zhenjing,” Lijiang District, Lijiang District People’s Government and Guangxi Basketball Association Star Cup “2021 The 3rd Guangxi Men’s Basketball League and the first Guangxi Women’s Basketball League, will be held in Liujiang District, Liuzhou City, November 11th, 14 levels in the region will organize men’s basketball team, women’s basketball team The team gathers Liujiang PK.

It is understood that the Guangxi Basketball League is the highest standard, the highest level of basketball league in Guangxi. The successful aaj ki news khabar success of two consecutive sessions, and promoted urban reputation, visibility, driving local economic and social development positive role.

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Liujiang District passed the form of the provincial-level league with the Guangxi Basketball Association, in the basketball effect, in the integration development, and the leverage of sports events was shaped and economic and social development. At the same time, cnn news update for today it is upholding the principle of promoting the marketing operation of the cultural journey, extending the development of the industry, increasing the promotion of promotion, introducing Liujiang to the whole country, all district, and actively integrates the events into rural revitalization and urban construction, putting event activities With the industrial development, all domain tourism creation organic combination, boost Liujiang District to create a first-class cultural and sports facility, build a first-class cultural sports center, comprehensively built Liuzhou City, “one main three new” Southwestern Piece District, Southwestern Piece, China provides powerful spiritual power.

Peng Zhichun, District of the People’s Government of Liujiang District, said in the press conference that the Liujiang District Committee and the economictimes india District Government also attracts the development of the people’s health and the development of the people’s health and the development of the development basketball. Sports, promoting the importance of national unity and economic and social high quality development. Liujiang District Committee and District Government put forward the “14th Five-Year Plan” period to build first-class cultural sports facilities to create a strategic goal of the first-class cultural sports center.

At present, Liujiang District has built a 83-acre sports center, covering the 520-acre Liujiang Sports Park completed a 12 or two project projects and has opened up to the public, and the people of Liujiang District launched basketball, football, tennis and other sports. The demand for fitness is further satisfied. The next step will start the construction live today tamil of the four project projects in Liujiang Sports Park, a high standard indoor constant temperature swimming pool, and a comprehensive gymnasium will soon be put into use. The existing standard basketball hall in Liujiang District can fully meet the presence of this Guangxi Men (Woman) Basketball League.

Peng Zichun said, in addition to this, Liujiang District has rich experience in the game. In recent years, high-level basketball events have been held more than 10 times, of which “Shengxing” cup 2020 NBL four NBL four-strong hegemony and Liuzhou fifteenth session The sports meeting adult basketball game successfully held in Liujiang, not only inspected the ability of Liujiang to play, but it was more difficult to accumulate numerous experience in holding high levels, high-standard competitions. Liujiang District has a large selfie poses for girl 2018 number of Liujiang fans who have a highly loved basketball and basketball players, and the number of audiences in each basketball game will exceed expectations.