Ball: Big Ball and Three Balls will win three balls will take MVP

Beijing time November 29th, Raval-Bauer talked about his expectations of his two sons who played in NBA in recent years.

When I was asked to win the MVP, I said: “Do you ask me to take MVP, my answer is that I know that he can take MVP.”

The reporter said that Ball may compete but Curry and Durant others, and the old Bauer asked: “What do you ask me?”

reporter said that if three goals get MVP this season, he will surpass Ross and become the youngest MVP. Old Ball said dismissed: “If you want to say history, I have created many history.

He has a signature of his own brand, and is the youngest player who goes out overseas in history. How many history does he need to create? “

Old Bao was picked up: “They will not give me MVP, unless he can bring the team to the finals. Do you know what NBA needs now? It is the next generation of super superstars, saying is my son. “

In the question of two sons who thought they would take the lead, Old Ball said: “This is not important, I only know that two of them will win the team.”