Bear stable defensive foundation to maintain competitiveness three-year contract leaving strong line guards

In order to keep the current NFL top defense group configuration, the defensive basis continues the high competitiveness of the team, the Chicago Bear team announced this Friday this Friday, Danny Trevathan Renewal Three years, maintain the basic framework of the current defensive group.

Although the details of this renewal contract have not yet been known, for this successful Danny Trevisen, the general manager of the Chicago Bear team is very pleasant, he said: “Trevi Sen is not only an excellent internal virtue, a great leader, is also an important part of our team culture. We can renew him for three seasons, let him continue to stay in Chicago, we are really happy. “

“He is a great leader player, an extremely good player, obviously, he has been influenced by the injury last season, which has made our defensive group suffered a lot of difficulties. He is an important part of our team. Component. “The Pest Manager said.

In the main line of the Chicago Bear Team, Trevisen and another line Nikwavi Kwiatkoski became a free player during this break, and the bear team made a final choice. Continue to Trevisen, and Copwartkoski is also willing to trial water free market.

Wait until local time on March 24th, Trevisen will be 30 years old, as an old bill, Trevisen to help the Chicago bear team in the stadium and spirit. Since the signing of the Chicago Bear Since 2016, Trevisen has played 45 regular games for the bear team.

In addition to the killing, Trevison has a masterpiece:

In addition to the killing, Trevison has a masterpiece:

When this line guards are kept healthy, Trevison is an indispensable member of the bear defensive group. But unfortunately, in the four-year time of the bear team, Trevisen lacks a total of 16 regular seasons, only in the 2018 season, keeps the regular season full of full-time, his day in the peak of the bear. I saw a total of 102 times to kill 2 times.

In the last season, Trevisen is because the elbow is absent from 7 regular seas, and only 9 games have been taken 70 times. 1 time.

Danny Trevisen graduated from the University of Kentucky, in the sixth round of 2012, was selected by Denver’s wild. In the 4-year time for Denver wild horse, Trevisen helped the wild horse in the 2015 season won the 50th Super Bowl Championship.