Beckham watched F1 and met with Xiao Luo! In the past, Milan teammates live in two worlds.

On June 17, Beijing time, La Liga war continued, Barcelona defeated Laignes at 2-0, and continued to steadily set up the header, this service, Barcelona superstar Messi has a good performance, and rely many times Breakthrough in the opponent line, and finally Messi creates and personally fined, and quite a funny celebration movement, I have never seen it before.

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This game, Messi’s creation is a “hanging day” 1V5 breakthrough, facing the bundling defense new breaking news of Laignes players, Messi is still flashing, a horse Pingchuan, the football, the ball, surprising A man.

In addition, Messi has a sideline breakthrough in the game, and the opponent’s Busting Sagy is unable to stop. I have to use my hands to use the right hand to hold Messi’s arm, and then use her hands to hug Messi’s waist, use “Catching Action” in a football, directly put Barcelona 10 to the ground.

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After the game, “the open-air look” ridiculed: blocked Messi’s only way to find it! And this detail, once again triggered a fan discussion, what is going on, can you prevent Messi?

At least, a consensus now relying on a single defensive player, almost no professional players can do it perfect to close Messi, not to say to prevent it. Former Brazilian Foot Mero received an interview with Argentina, “We have to kick (tactical foul), you must change him, if you don’t, Messi is not able to stare. “

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Especially in the frontier of the penalty area, the ball is more difficult to prevent him, and the more people are more troublesome, and the more people can’t tonize foul, the free kick threat is too big, and I don’t dare to grab it, I can’t care. When he passed, he was in trouble. The jammu links news facebook most threat of Messi is to pass energy shot, you have to let him sway back in front of the penalty area, it is very “deadly”.

Objectively, Messi’s non-poliar run is not his special, and there is a smooth defense. Of course, it is simpler than the ball, but the explosive power of the Argentine, is the top level of the world, suddenly starting, and some people capture. , So, prevent Messi, must rely on whole:

First, the personal ability of the defensive player cannot be poor. In the middle and rear guards, the backpack must be in combination, and the midfield is to have a mission on his body.

Although Messi is 33 years old, after the La Liga is restarted, it seems that his status is recovered, and Messi’s central axis is still very obvious. A Seville is a strong team and needs to focus.

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