Beijing time on September 9th 08:05 will stage a Meidian East War

Beijing time on September 9th 08:05 will stage a Meidian East War, New York Yangji Shi Challenge Boston Red Sox, which is the third game of the four series of warfares in the competition. Will live video live on this game, welcome fans to watch.Battle reviewThe winning winner of Yangji Series will make them recorded from 93 wins and 50 losses. They still have a total of Houston’s score to rank alliance, almost locked the first part of them will be home for the playoffs. Advantage efforts.The reddings are currently 76 wins and 66 negative rankings. The 4th, but the Auckland sports home from the outer card 2 has been different from the 7th wins. In the regular season or 20 games, there is not much time for red

socks. , Career competition They must be a final battle if they want to hit the playoffs.

Game point

This is the second place in the finals of this season, the previous 17th game Yang Bay team 12 wins and 5 losses account for absolute advantage. This game is not only the defending war for the red hose retention season. It is more likely to be this season. The last stock hose battle in the United States. Both sides have the pressure and motivation of winning, which will undoubtedly go to seek the enemy of the world.

First firing

Yangji will send Japanese pitcher Tianzhong will send a big first. He 10 wins this season, 8 wins and 8 loss points rate 4.42, the last first faced the tourist soldier 6 bureau lost 2 points to complete high-quality first, this season faces Boston Red Socks, he lost 18 points, you can say that red hose is his bitter.

Red socks will send Trick Possto, this season, 12 wins this season, 12 wins and 11 loss points 5.63, career 25 scenes to Yangji first 11 wins 9 lost 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场The team 11 bureau lost 14 points, but the last July 25th, 5th sessions, 5 times, three vibrations, 3 points, were throwing 3 points.

Focus star

New York Yangji Alon – Jiaqi This season is only 86 games, but he still slammed the home running, 7 of whom have played the past 15 games, but this series In the face of red stockings, the first 2 games of 4 players were swallowed 4 times.

Ed Wen – Nakanso’s payment is very important for Yangji. He also slammed the third-year-old horn to help the team to lock the victory in the second game of the series.

Boston Red Socks JD-Martinnes still maintains a strong standard this season, although the second game of the team lost, he slammed the 35th hundredth of the season from Chapman.

Rafael Dewes is Boston’s red socks this season’s biggest surprise, not only 29 bombings 107 points, 49 second bases are also all-all-all-all-in-one, and 178 security is also ranked second.