Beijing Time September 16 9:07, the Los Angeles Angel Team, the Melon West, will meet the Seattle Sailor Team at home, which is the third game of the four games in the competition. Will live a live video on this game, welcome fans to watch:[Battle Review]In the early season, the angel team has been killed in the playoffs. In the past six games, there were 5 points of 5 games less than 2 points. The first game of this series was 2: 8, and the second. Field 0: 5 is zero. At present, the total record is 73 wins and 75 negative, under the five% win rate.The sailor is currently 81 wins and 66 negatives, the third place in Mei Lianxi District, the backward partition is the defending champion Houston Space team

11, the second outer card Oakland sports team 8.5 games. Before the series of war, the sailor team was swept by the princes, and the battle of the 8th game of the sailor team included the opponent only 45 points, and the 8th home event scored the lowest in the history of the sailor.

[Game points]

The angel team announced that the ball ticket sales exceeded 3 million this season, which has been reached in the 16-last season, and a brick has been added for the angel milestone. Before the two parties, the Angel Team genius star Grand Vallant hit eight long hits in the past eight games, the length of the length. 789 is the highest in the alliance.

[First, Pitcher]

Sailor team first pitcher: Erasmo-Ramirez (2-3, self-sharing rate 5.31)

The angel team first pitcher: Andrew-Sini (9-9, self-blade ratio 3.98)

The sailor team first pitched Ramires in the past two first competitions, 10.1 bureau only lost 3 points, and the self-sharing rate of the season dropped from 6.28 to 5.31. He career battle angel team 6 4-2, self-blade rate 2.25, but there is no chance to fight this season. Ramirez injured 6 games were first post 2-1, and the self-sharing rate was 3.68.

The angel team first picked up Sini is the most stable one in the angel first round, when the first one of the angel team enters the injury list, Sili is more stronger, and will be carried out in this season. He has not lost his position in the game. The only two games in the season of the fails, because the left elbow is still in recovery.

In June, when the War Sailor was the first time, his career finished the 9th game but lost 5 points to defeat with 3: 5. In the beginning of July, the War Sailor only lost 2 points, but the angel team was still 1: 4 lost the game. At the end of July, the third champion of War Wars was thrown 3 points. Finally, the 10th Tropster’s goodbye to win the game 4: 3.

[Focus Star]

Today’s competition sailor Di-Gordon did two major events, and the 7th game hit 2 points to play the sailor’s insurance, and also killed Mike Turpit in the middle and foreign wild. . When the reporter asked him happier, he replied: Kill Tuuri. He felt like a life of the first time, and can rob that Turlit’s potential 34th project is hit. He smiled and caught up.

Cruz of the sailor team hit the 50th Battle of the Affairs Team in the 1st game of this series, and the union player’s second more than a single opponent team. Cruze said: The main reason is to have more opportunities to fight. The Alliance Record is 70 Alex Rodrigues, and the active player also has the battle of the Band of 50, and the angel team Albert-Prince.