Black chicken The Lakers will win the Messe, Su Qun is blunt: still think they are weak teams

The Lakers will overcome the piston today! The last game
Lakers have a lot of 17 more, after Lao Zhan is expelled, the Lakers finally helped the team successfully defended the game under the leadership of the eyebrows and Wei. Today, I have faced the piston again. The three giants have played an efficient performance. Among them, Lao Zhan contributed 33 points 9 assists, and Wei Shao contributed 25 minutes and 9 assists, and the eyebrow won 24 points 10 rebound 2 steals and 2 caps.

In fact, from the two parties can find that the strength of the Lakers is obviously higher. In today’s game, the Lakers played a 16-0 offensive climax in the third quarter. They once pulsed the difference to 19 points, but The game Lakers only won the piston 4 points. After the lead, the Lakers will have a series of issues such as mistakes, leaks.

After the end of the game, I was responsible for explaining the Suman Square of this game: I still think that the Lakers are weak teams, and there is still a lot of problems in the Lakers. Since the season, the team has only achieved 11 wins and 11-negative records, and it is barely tested on the top eight in the western part.

In the previous game, Su Qun said that the Lakers and the walker were rookie, and now they are the same. Such a luxurious lineup, why does the Lake people do not have the ruling power like a warrior?

The current Lakers and who play games are five or five, and they have the opportunity to win the game, and they are also facing the ball at any time. The problem in the final analysis is mainly because the Lakers’ defense is not ideal, and there is no effect of the team’s attack. There is also the still lack of good chemical reactions between the three giants (of course, it is now getting better, and Wei Shao has gradually adapted to the Lakers’ system).

Su Qun is not optimistic about the Lakers is also a matter of reason. First, the lake has a poor record, they really don’t belong to a true team. There is also a relatively easy schedule of the Lakers season, just under such circumstances, they still have to win too many game victories.

However, it is necessary to mention that the Lakers still have a lot of progress space. Previously, the hot fire just formed a three giants, their record was equally unsatisfactory, and the final three giants found a way, and finally won the championship. The long season is a very normal thing.

Seeing the performance of the Lakers this season, I thought of the Knight, who was led by Lao Zhan, who introduced Wade, Ross, Xiaobaas, etc. in the offset period, and the team’s record has not much better improvement. In the end, in the season’s interim team, in exchange for Yas, Kraxson and others, it is a set of lineups, which is the stage of the playoffs in the playoffs. Zhan is still leading them to kill the stage of the finals.

Now that Lao Zhan’s ruling is not as good as the original, you can admit that he is still in the ranks of the top star of the league. He is also helpful to the help of the two full stars, he will not isolate no aid, so we have reason to believe that the Lakers can get better, it can become better. Of course, everything needs to be adjusted and changed, let us look forward to them next to the more exciting performance!