Brown scorpion is absent from the training, it is a trip to be traded.

In general, the player is absent from this time racing training problem.Because of this training for voluntary participation, the player can decide on its own strength, health and recovery.

However, these are not the reasons for Brown’s defensive ends of Manmeuel Ogaba.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian-Labot, Ogaba’s reason is “Brown is desperately trying to trade him”.Ogaba may not appear in training until the transaction is completed.

After Brown won the defensive end of Olivier, Ogawa’s importance is reduced.He is a two-round show in 2016, the first three seasons have played 40 games in the past three seasons, completed 122 times, 12.5 times and 29 quarter-off strikes.

In addition to Brown, pirates and dolphins have also started a sniper training program on Monday.