Bundesliga has been covered with a full army, and the Longbu has a mistake in the field, so that the team lost the victory.

In the 1/16 finals held on February 26, the last Leverkusen was defeated by the opponent by 0:2, and was killed by the main road. The total score was 3: 6, and it was eliminated. At the 47th minute, the young players took the ball with the ball, although the Lumbu failed, the front of the front door of Sheba door, Bern’s young man was 1: 0 The achievements lead the opponent.

In 86 minutes, Pierman did direct in the frontcourt, Snooker pioneered, put the ball in the penalty area, 12 young people received a leading opponent with 2: 0 results. At this time they almost locked the victory of this game. Finally, from the giants of Switzerland, Bern’s young people reported a big cold door with a 2: 0 results, defeating Leverkusen. With the total score of 6: 3, the entire team will advance to the 16 games of the European Union Cup for the whole team. In fact, in the first half of this season, the status of the entire group of Revoussen is very good, but they will fall into a comprehensive and passive state.

The German Cup and the European Union Cup are all over the game, and the ranking of the German also fell to the 5th. At this time they have been behind the Champions League, 5 points. After the failure of this game, Reovuson was eliminated in the German team. In the European Union Cup this season, the real army was destroyed. At the time, Fenheim was 3: 5 ‘s results have been eliminated by Mold. This is the Mold team from Norway, which is also the first to advance to the second round of the European Union League knockout. Cristiano Ronaldo drakter According to the relevant data statistics, after the Champions League Cup, this is the second time without a German team without a 16-strong field. When this is the last time, it is still in the 2013-14 season.

In that season, there is no German team on top 16. Although in the upper half of this season, the performance of this team has been very good, but their team is lost in the later competition, Koszulka Dziecieca until the entire German team is all eliminated. Leverkusen’s team has performed very bad in this competition, and the players in the team have lost their chances, the other players seize the opportunity, and shoot the ball into their goals. , Obtained score. And this mistake also caused their team to lose the victory of this game, causing them to be eliminated. So no matter whether the team is still in the team, all players have their incumbent place in the game.

So no matter which game, all the teams and players should take all the rights and have better performance in the game, so that the team gets more scores, so that the team can make the team and players It has been more honor, and it is also possible to go to a bigger place of the game, and all of our advantages is displayed. Therefore, these players should recognize their shortcomings in the next game, strengthen their training, every member must unite, and more tacit understanding in the game. This will make the greatest extent to get more opportunities in the process of competition.

Lionel messi dres
Lionel messi dres