Business Alliance promotes flowers: NBA Marily limited to the steel man with the ball, NFL invites fans "Lian Mai"

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Journalist | Jiang Muzhen

On April 24, 2021, November 24, 2021, the official announced will cooperate with well-known sports media ESPN, and held the first “NBA Mount Heroes Arena” special live in Beijing time on May 4th Warriors.

It is understood that in this live broadcast, many classic Maowei super heroes, including Iron Man, and Black Leopard, will accompany the fans in the form of 3D virtual images, custom images, animations.

The official also designed a story background for this special cooperation broadcast: Faced with the Elderly Army, the Avengers began to recruit NBA elites to fight together, defend the earth. The superhero will observe the warriors and 鹈鹕 competitions and focus on the performance of each of the three candidates in both parties.

Candidates will accumulate “Mourner Heroes” in the game, and finally get the number of points to win the winner. Each player’s “Mount Heroes” will increase or decrease depending on its field.

Every time the player scores, grabs the rebound, assists, steals, and the cap will increase a “Mourner Heroes”; Points.

The three candidates in the Warriors are Kotin, Green, and Vilins; and the squad is the side of Zi’an, Ingram, Bauer.

In fact, this is no longer the first time in the NBA broadcast in the NBA. On April 14th Net Network against 76 people, ESPN has opened a broadcasted channel with gaming.

In a satisfactory, the US Professional Football Great League NFL has recently made a new attempt.

According to foreign media reports, NFL and audio social platform CLUBHOUSE reached a cooperation, and will conduct a series of preheating activities on the platform from April 29th to May 1st on Cleveland.

From this week, NFL will organize a series of draft-oriented chat activities in Clubhouse, including new show player assessment, fan simulation draft, and NFL players, coaches, etc..

The press release released by Clubhouse, the fans will be able to enter the NFL chat room specially opened on the platform, pay attention to the latest trends in the elective season, and listen to the NFL coaches and players.

During the event, the host may also invite the fans “Lian Mai” abu dhabi flight newsto speaking voices, or let fans sharing their own views.

Audio social platform Clubhouse launched in March 2020, although the invitation system is used and only on the iOS platform, but it is still red with a unique voice chat room mechanism, and the current download is more than 10 million.

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According to reports, the current Clubhouse estimate has reached $ 4 billion, and the cooperation between this and NFL is also the first time to reach partnerships with the Sports Union.

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