Can move the "epidemic" remember | 29-day volunteer service, a moving anti-counterfeit answer

Original title: Can move the “epidemic” remember | 29-day volunteer service, a moving anti-counterfeit answer

I just had a meal at noon, and Zeng Zehua, who can move the 61 class, wear a mask, go to the sunshine community epidemic prevention duty near home, and register for information registration and body temperature monitoring. Sometimes he will also discourage some community residents who don’t want to register all kinds of reasons, allowing them to cooperate with epidemic prevention, and promote the information promotion of the residents.

Although the length is not long, only three hours can be done due to the high tension and occasional hustle and occasional sudden situation due to the severe epidemic prevention work, and he has been exhausted after a mask.

And such volunteer work, he has been doing for 29 days.

Zeng Zehua is registered for the residents of the community

In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, 10 o’clock on January 23, 2020, Wuhan “Fengcheng”. On January 25, 2020, the first year of the New Year, Zeng Zehua is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, also announced the city. The next day, his parents received a notice of the unit, and I went to the epidemic first-line to conduct a duty and patrol. In the face of various media covered on the surface of the epidemic and the task notice received by the parents, I feel that I can’t stand at home, and I don’t do anything.

“Maybe it is a bloody, there is such a big thing in the country. At this time, I have a little contribution to the country for the country. I think it is a social obligation that contemporary college students should do.”

In this way, Zeng Zehua, the “a blood of the blood”, reported to the Epidemic Prevention Command of Hometown, on February 7th, on February 7th, and was arranged by the headquarters, and came to the Epidemic Prevention Duty Courses in Sunshine Community in Danjiang Downg. The family of Zeng Zehua also supported his decision, did not persuade him to stay at home because of the health of the child.

The father who breaking new was responsible for the immigration of the northwest in the local area, and the mother was a middle school teacher. After the year, the couple had two patrols of the anti-vloal first line. What is the impression of Zeng Zehua is that one day his father has been on duty at 8 o’clock in the evening to 8 o’clock in the morning. There is no rest after the value is finished, but immediately put it into the home survey. It happened that his mother was also on duty, so the day didn’t do anyone else, until a family sat together, eat a hot rice.

“A family of three, let me have a feeling that I can help my parents, although I have a bit hard, but I am full.” I said.

Zeng Zehua was responsible for volunteer work in the Epidemic Prevention Duty Opening Point Point Point of Shuo River Town, Danjiang. Every day from 12 am to 3 pm, it is a duty time. During this time, he has daily new india to register information and body temperature monitoring. Sometimes I have to discourage some community residents who don’t want to register all kinds of reasons, let them cooperate with epidemic prevention, and promote the residents’ information publicity.

Volunteer work does not rely on “a blood of the blood”, it also needs a deep understanding of volunteer work and adequate patience. In the epidemic, it is inevitable that the people cannot understand the volunteers in time, Zeng Zehua has encountered such a situation.

“I still remember that there is a grandfather who is anxious to buy a mask a few days ago. At that time, there was a resident in which he had to go to the hospital was conducting registration, so he was planning to directly rush out the bay. When I call him, He not only does not cooperate, but also insults me and another volunteer. No way, for this news today breaking news kind of person can only persuade the heart, tell him the purpose of the anti-prevention wear mask registration. During this time, volunteering is I am also a challenge. “

However, more often, most community residents still understand the severe situation of the current national epidemic prevention and control work, when they registered through the epidemic prevention duty, they often have a volunteers who have lived with him. “Thank you”, “hard work”. And this short word often has become the power of volunteers such as Zeng Zehua to persist in volunteering.

Volunteer service at the epidemic prevention duty

Due to the graduation work in graduation, Zeng Zehua has carried out the “soda cold pile caching cartridge” under the line of thermal dynamic simulation and control of the Lu Ruori, “sodium cold stack of core box Graduation design of flow and heat transfer.

“Specifically, numerical simulation is carried out on the inner core experiment. Due to the influence of the epidemic, I have encountered difficulties like many other students.”

When I was talking about him, Zeng Zehua’s classmates joked: “This is hard, my head is big, I have finished the volunteer home, used for the iCem to collapse, painted three days of east and west.”

However, these difficulties can be overcome. He then said: “Both is a small problem, after all, it is a simulated simulation problem. In order to help us help us smoothly provide many help, doctoral brothers and Luo The teacher is also very concerned about me, often asking me the progress, solving the problem of staged problems. Although it is difficult to do, it is still doing, the task of the school at home cannot be lost, you have to do it. “

In an interview, Zeng Zehua is organizing the materials of the project, intending to further advance the progress of the topics and prepare for the mid-term inspection at the end of March.

People’s Daily Officer Bo Report Zeng Zehua’s volunteer deed

On March 9th, the official Weibo of the People’s Daily was “good example! # 清华 学生 北 社 社 社 防 28 days #: I have a responsibility to contribute to the hometown of Zeng Zehua’s epidemic prevention volunteering experience. In this regard, I didn’t feel happy, but I still feel some uneasy.

“I think I am doing a small job. There are still many volunteers every day than me, and the conditions are more difficult than I have more difficult, let alone doctor nurses in the front line. I think They are more worthy of me than I am more thanking. These are what I should do, do what I do, is not worthy of such a big flag. “

Not just Zeng Zehua, there are still many students in the classics, also participate in the immodeological volunteer service of their hometown, such as Liu Jiajie, who can move 81, can move the 61-class He Rupeng classmate, Machinery 908 Liu Zhiyuan classmate. While they carefully complete their daily learning tasks at home, they participated in volunteer services and gave them to the epidemic prevention and control.

Liu Jiajie studied a new flowery photo of the roadside after the end of the volunteer service

One gray of the times, falling on the head, is a mountain. There are countless small individuals, and they will condense and will consume the brilliant galaxy across the era.

This star, there is a doctor nurses who are directly with the disease with the disease, there are “Rayshan” and “Huo Mountain” builders, and there are also like Zeng Zehua as a “chest a hot blood” as the first line of epidemic prevention work volunteering .

Thanks to all stick, pay tribute all the retrograde. The people of the whole country are under the top heart, and they all resist the new crown epidemic. I believe that the epidemic will be over, “If you want to ask you what you want, the paper boat will be burned.”

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