Can you fairy? Paul encounters NFL superstars in Bahamas casino

For domestic eating melon people, the major events of the entertainment circle are enough to let the media are paralyzed; at the same time, the various “God of Fairy” in the international sports circle make many players and friends in Braddy and Dabinn. After that, C Luo is not lonely, and the photo of “Joe Boss” basketball superstar Michael Jordan. And far in the Bahamas, one is the top quadruping of NFL, one is the top-level guard of NBA, which is also a rare.

Before the NFL entered the nervous new season, many stars have also gained a rare relaxation holiday. Green Bay packaging team’s elite four-point quartz-Rogers naturally not letting this difficulty leisure time, he is with his “beautiful little sister” girlfriend – the car queen Danieka – Patrick chooses to go to Bahamas The island will enjoy it. Dragono, which is not good, come to Bahamas, naturally go to the local casino small test. When he and his girlfriend gone in the casino, he found a “acquaintance” – from the top-class guard guard from the NBA Houston Rocket, people called “CP3” Chris Paul!

Of course, the news around Paul has been more than the news in Paul, which is more than Bogers. He and James-Harden have grinding problems and private relationships are taken out by major media. Even rumors say he wants him. Leave the Rockets. Maybe Paul also wants to find an exit to relax, so I chose to come to Bahama Travel. I have never thought of Rogers who had the same top sports star in the casino.

Rogers is well known for basketball, and his main team is naturally a Milwaukee Troka, the famous “Blowing Beer” incident is he staged when he is watching the Bucks playoff; but Paul is long-term The team, the competitive relationship with the Bucks is not large, so the interaction between Rogers and Paul in sports is not a lot. However, there is still some intersection between the two. In 2015, two people teamed up with a group of videos. In 2018, they also participated in the charity golf course; however, in their respective private time, “island occasion”, it is really a kind Very wonderful fate.

Rogers and girlfriend Danieka and Paul conducted long talking on the casino’s gambler, and Rogers and Paul were more talking about a long time. After all, the past year is not very smooth for the two people. Although Rogers signed a super contract, but have experienced the sluggish of the team’s record, the coach’s change, and the huge changes in the team players, how the new season is not yet It can be seen; Paul is the leading Rockets to break into the western semi-finals. In the Warriors lost two games under the great situation of Durant, the returns, and there was also been involved in the rumors of the transaction.

Anyway, I hope they will pay some good luck in the casino! Maybe the fortune of two in the game next season will improve!