Champions League Baqiang Lottery Analysis: Chelsea Boermap is signed! Last season, Champions League debut!

The Champions League is all out of the Champions League, and the Champions League 8 strong lottery results have also come out. After the Champions League is coming out, some people are happy. Of course, the most joyful may be the Premier Levi and Porto. Chelsea pumped into the weakest Porto of the group, and Porto also pumped the second weak Chelsea in the eight strong, and it could say that these two teams were very happy. So, how is the situation of these four groups? Xiaobian will analyze all the big teams together with everyone!

In Chelsea’s game, Chelsea’s leader, occupying the advantage of the schedule, but Porto is definitely not a meat mortal in the fans, this team can eliminate Juventus is definitely not accidental. The team’s front field Tarim, Marega, Dians are counterattacks, and the performance of the midfielder Olivira This season is more than the original B expense. And the Booleo, which is the experience of Pepe, which is experienced in Pei Pepe, can say that the lineup of Porto is not bad. And Compared with Chelsea, Porto has a great advantage, that is, Porto’s schedule is not so much. At the same time, the team is 10 points behind the top behind the league, almost no championship, they can have a championship. The main problem in Chelsea is the intensive class. On the Premier League, the position of Chelsea’s top four is still unstable. They need to take into account two events, and the physical strength of the players is a great test. Since 2004, the two teams have played 8 games in the Champions League, and suvarna news anchors Chelsea 5 wins and 1 flat and 2 losses. Chelsea is an absolute advantage.

Manchester City’s game, most fans are optimistic about Manchesyl, after all, Manchester City is too hot in this season, but it is necessary to pay attention to that Dort’s tactical style seems to be a bit of kilocutum, the team has passed forward for five times and Manchester City The win 2 is so unbeaten. Moreover, Manchester City is very strange, you say he is strong, he will always be eliminated by some seemingly unsatisfactory breaking news in hindi lucknow teams, such as the 16-17 season. In the 17th-18 season Manchester City was eliminated by Liverpool, and Manchester City was eliminated at the time of thermal thorns. The last season of Manchester City was directly killed by Lyon 3 to 1 was eliminated. It can be said that Manchester City is a team of optimistic, several opponents except Liverpool, other teams of the team are big in Manchester City, but in this case Manchester City is still eliminated, I don’t know that there is similar this season. Is the situation?

prega news kit price in medical storeLiverpool’s match against the Royal Mema can be said to be the most powerful competition, and the two teams’ Champions League are very brilliant, but the current performance of the two teams is not good. And the two teams are serious in the team, which makes both parties equal opportunities. However, Liverpool’s determination may be more bigger, after all, the team is a bit difficult, this situation will be a normal thing to get a next season European Current. The past records have traveled in the past five times in the past. Real Madrid 3 wins and 2 losses, and once they met on the finals. Two two teams were promoted once (14-15 season Real Madrid, 2008-09 Libram to advance) It is said that both parties have equal opportunities for the knockout, but individuals are more optimistic about Liverpool because they are more desired to the Champions League.

The last set of deal is the opponent of the European champion final last season, Bayern against Paris, the two sides have worked for five times, and Bayern 3 wins and 2 losses, which can be said that the opportunities of both parties are almost. And both sides are very eager to win the Champions League, Bayern is eager to become the team behind the Champions League, and Paris hopes to get the first Champions League championship of the team. From lineup strength, Paris is more attacked, and Bayern’s lineup is more balanced. However, it should be noted that the recent rumor of Frick is constantly rumored, this may affect Bayern’s play on the court.

On April 6th, 7th and April 13th, the championship of the Champions League is about to start, I don’t know if you think that the final team can advance to the Champions League semi-final? If you choose to choose, the personal feelings of Porto, Manchester City, Bayern and Liverpool are more likely. Of course, the biggest controversy this may be Porto, but the careful fans may find that in the last four or five years, the Champions League will have black horses, Lyon, Leipzig, the last season, Ajax, 17-18 The season of Rome, the 16-17 season of Monaco … this may not be accidental, but the European Connected to give some intermediate team hopes, and the black horse in this season is left, it is Porto!

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