Chicago Bear steadns the start of the start playing the ball Pi Neoco to open the stress?

September 2 (Wen / ESPN Jeff Dickerson Compile / Love) No team’s starting player position will be as follows like the Chicago Bear Team. However, the so-called “employ people do not have doubt, no need”, the bear coach Matt Nagy announced on Sunday, the previously defected Addy Piniro will be unveiled in regular seasons. The first player of the battle against the packaging team competition.

“We think this is what he caught.” The coach Nair said, “We pushed him, let him experience a lot of spiritual and physical challenges, experienced some climax and low valley. Now, he got him The location should be derived, and we will also look forward to his future performance, which is very interesting. He is completely capable to become our first player, we are full of confidence. “

After August 18th, after Elliott Fry, Pi Nera became the only player in the last two rounds of the quarter. In the preseason game, he was 5 times hit by the main penalty of 8 times, including 5 free throws in the last two episodes. But a little regrett, in the last game of Tetani, Pi Nairo kicked a additional points.

“Frank, I am responsible for the shoulder.” Pi Nera said in an interview on Sunday, “I have to do it now is a good ball, just like I do in the preseason, I will Continued. “

The bear team got this player through the trading of the raid team. This last season came from Florida, but also kicked a ball in the NFL’s regular season, but now he has become the most focused player in the Alliance. And the official appointment of the bear team will obviously make him relax.

“Yes, my pressure on my shoulders has been much reduced.” Pi Neul said, “I am very happy to be the first, this team trust me, give me the opportunity to let me reach my present position; and I only I want to use my performance to return their expectations and let them be happy. “

However, the coach Nair did not have a blind eye, he said, Pi Nera must keep the state to maintain this position. “In the end, for our team, data and results are hard indicators.” Naji said, “He understands his situation, we are really honest with him, we will be very frank with him, so we will not go Use some ambitions of two players. He is now confident, we are also full of confidence. “

For the bear team, it is finally resolved in the entire sniper stage; after a few days, the opening of the packaging team will become the best stage for testing this young playing. Is it a big battle? let us wait and see.