Cole is inherited! Huosman has not participated in 5V5 training to return time

November 25 is a Thanksgiving Day. According to the previous report, the Warriors’ Book Show Wright will return to the team on this day and start to fight NBA. However, from today’s Warriors, the return of Huosan is coming. Tang Shen has begun to participate in the 5V5 team training, and Huosman is still doing one-on-one, 2 pairs of training work.

In April this year, Huosman accepted the surgery that repaired the right knee and meniscus, and has been in the past seven months. At first, the Warriors believe that Hu Shiman will start fully resume training after 6 months (which is October 16). But at present, the Warriors have overestimate the recovery speed of Huashiman.

Not long ago, Cole has affirmed in an interview: “Huosan will return to the team after Thanksgiving.” But https://www.maillotbasket6.comafter today’s training lesson, Cole has denied this method in front of the media. Man’s return time is still not determined.

“Half-month torn is a damage, it is not like ACL (knee front cross-ligament) or linear improvement like ACL. Half moonboard tears, you really can’t easily speculate on recovery time, because the time required for recovery Different. White is a big one, we must be very cautious. He is doing one-on-one, 2 pairs of 2, training, but medical staff are not willing to let him fight. So we just want to keep patient. “

Through the words of Cole, we can hear: Huosman has not yet participated in 5V5 training, and medical staff did not agree with him, because Hu Shisman’s recovery speed is not as expected. During the Warriors Tournament, Clay has participated in 5V5 training, and Huosman did not get this opportunity. Clee’s backup time is late in late December. If this is referred to, Wosman’s commencement is probably waiting until 2022.