Cowboy players have troubles to defend the generals of the generals or face the mourning

Tharen Crawford

Tharen Crawford

Dallas denim brief ago, the star defensive end Edd Mucus Lawrence used the privilege label, which allowed them to have a contractual problem of the star player; but did not expect it, with him The trouble of several teammates who defensive sharp lines came one after another. First, Langdi Gri Galer is a violation of drug abuse policies, which is boundless, then David-Eros because the same reason is unlimited indefinitely; now, their captain defensive end Tailong Crawford It is very likely to face a period of time because he is involved in a bar fighting event. According to the video obtained by TMZ Sports, Crawford beats several bodyguards in a bar in Florida.

Florida is indeed a good place for recreational entertainment, so many players or boss have happened here. The video shows that this height is 6 feet 4 inches, and the weight 280-pound defensive end of the defensive end of March 15th, in a bar name called “Coyote Ugly Saloon” in Panama City, Florida, fighting with a group of bodyguards. It is unclear that the reason is caused by quarrels, but the situation quickly upgraded – at least four bodyguards desperately try to uniform the NFL player, but because Crawford is too strong, they are completely helpless. And Crawford only destroyed everyone, knocked each person in front of him with a powerful fist, even if the 4 bodyguard tried to uniform to uniform him, it could not work at all; he keenly locked it. The biggest one of the block, then knocked another bodyguard to the ground.

And this fight did not stop in the bar, as before, the fight has continued until the outdoor, and the police were also summoned to the scene. And Crawford also has a limb contact with a number of police officers. A video shows that Crawford tried to catch a man involved in the man, he first rushed through two police officers, and then pushed another two police officers. However, he did not arrest the night and did not be charged.

However, it is not accused of a crime that Crawford does not violate the “Personal Code of Code of Conduct” of the NFL Alliance. It is reported that NFL investigators have already traveled to the bar two days ago to view monitoring video, and collect information. It is currently unclear whether the bar allows alliance investigators to watch all videos. However, according to the police report, the key quarrel is just in several blind locations in the video in the bar; but the video taken by the customer at the bar can fill this blank. If the Alliance believes that Crawford’s behavior violates the “Personal Code of Conduct”, although he has not been arrested, accusing or even convicted, he may still face penalties.

At present, Crawford himself, Dallas denim official and NFL survey teams were published in this incident. However, once Crawford faces the suspension penalty, it is undoubtedly a devastating blow to the defensive front line of the denim. They last season’s pavement defensive position League fifth, in addition to powerful line-guard combination, high quality defensive front lines are not active; and today the team may face this defensive sharp line in the new season.