East Chicchi three points 11 in 7, empty cut 25 + 10 + 10! Salexyi, the knight, Allang

In the past few seasons, the Cleveland Knight is a non-crux team of the Eastern Union, but with the growth of young players in the team, they show a good combat force in this season, in the first two The ten-round regular season has been achieved by 10 wins and 10-linked records. Although the competition is more and more intense, it is still within the top eight, but it has had a clear progress than the past few seasons! And when the Knight is playing with the strong team, it is often able to play a good overall performance. In the game and the western team exclusive game, the Cavaliers show the momentum of the will, in the game. https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Expanding your leading advantages to 31 points, of which the basket is old to dominate the inside. In his lending, the knight won exclusive man in the rebound and the inner line, and finally the final four battles will also be 114-96. Defeated the exclusive man, give it to the opponent two-game losing!

Last season, I have been questioned, I have been questioned, I’m in the end of the monitacies, and I have played a very good personality in the previous few games, but this is facing Allen and exploratulando Moberien knights in the knight. Port of Port, Giz, once again lost self, Bolzizi Jis, Giz, who was invested, 26.4 minutes before the injury, 12 times, and only lived in 4 goals, and his own famous stunt three-pointer is only 4 investment. 0 The performance is only 9 points and 5 rebounds, and it is good to do well in https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com the internal defense, contributing the highest 4 cap.

In the case of Polyz Jis, the Cavaliers will also defensive energy in the offensive end, and the Cavaliers will be more defensive, put on the genius of the teenagers, but it is difficult to completely restrictions on the Eastern Chickens. The game of East Chuanqi is under the strict defending of the Cavaliers, there are still 9 goals in the hands of the game, and the three-pointers are even 11, which contributed 25 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 1 steal. Three pairs of data, except for the East Chicgens, only Sir-siki and Kleiber scored two digits.

Different from the exclusive man, this game knight has played a very good overall attack, and the core defender contributed 18 points, 2 rebounds and 9 assists in the game, https://www.maillotbasket6.com and the knight team was combed in his pass. In a total of six players in the game, they scored two digits.

Among them, the native of the native exactly showed its own rule power in the basket, and 12 goals in 17 times, a person cut 28 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists and two pairs of data of 1 cap And the exploration of the blossom Mobeli also shows it, there are 12 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 2 caps, and a comprehensive personal performance of the two people. Under the leadership of them, the Cavaliers are in the game. The 16 rebounds of the opponent, the inner wire score is more than 14 points more than the opponent, which is the key they can win.

Among this new show player, the exploration of the blossom Mobley is currently the most stable and the best. If he can fulfill the talent, the future Knight https://www.nbatrikots4.com is still very promising, but for the geniors In terms of the singularity, if you want to truly have the strength of the championship, they also need to build a more strengthened lineup for Dong Chico!