Emotician package: packaging worker generals incarnate bath, the strongest defensive player, reproduce the finger

Although this season is unfavorable, the performance of the patriot is still slow, and the first half is 21 points, and the old man is still using the game clearance research tactics. How can such Bradi not love?

For Gordon who came to the team, Braddy as a boss, of course, it was to rain, the 500th passed, took it!

“Future is your” NFL version: Tang Laohan is really old, strong (Bris secretly smiled), Rark is really bitter (10 million grass mud horse flying)

Beckham: Laozi also passed the ball and passed the ball, this will not win? How do you want me? How is it so difficult to win a game! No, give me a four-point bath!

Hello! Joe Misen! Tonight’s Square Dance – “You are the most beautiful clouds in the sky”, you will dance!

Our old friend took a break – Jackson, the life of the brown, and the doubles were played, and the old man was nervous.

After 16 days of time, the Brunt team has a New Year! Brown’s current partitioned record 1-0-1, stepped on the foot …

In May, the field is forced, it is not unexpected? Not surprised? Dabra officially announced the rise!

Rogers: What is this? Will it play? I can’t win it? Beckham, about a hot spring holiday, playing is not as good as a bath!

Seeing the defensive group so powerful today, excited little Macaro made a ninth set of national middle school students broadcast gymnastics – full body movement

For the “pig” “pig” boys, the steel man’s “pig” boy has never been in front of the league, the best celebration this week: take the family

I want to ask the people in the current League, don’t think, is the Run Guardian Austin Experue! Why? Give the audience to the gold bricks have seen it? The grandfather can also send a pen to fortune, really good!

Hey! Delhi Watt, what is your resentment with Aisac – Rooj? Don’t shoot yourself!

This is not, saying that Zhu Zhu – Smith Shustel is always leading the fashion tide. It is an authorized: Take a look at the flash, which is currently selling which is now? Lightning team is like lightning!

The raids of the raids were lost, saying that it is good to win, how is it to break your head? So the raid people are also popular …?

Which is just dancing? Come to the Haiye lack of a lead dance, this dance jumps no eye: You continue, in the speech …

Griffin: The old brother is really stable!

Thompson: What do you say? E-A-S-Y, EASY!

The tactical master Carol is also open, it seems that today’s ram is finally going to flock to the old man!

As a result … Well, after all, “True-Tactics Master Carol”, when the ram is received from the 12th person, and the thrilling will win 5 games. Gaoff: Thank you master ~ go home from get off work ~

Here, I distressed Wilson three seconds … this round of competition bitter list three: Beckham, Long Ge, Xiaoman (winning is difficult than going to day!)

Cowboy is playing with Texas people, there is a thrilling, both sides are also happy, Prescot is nervous!

JJ Watt: Little brother, can you make you stronger! To learn from me, strive to work hard! life is long so add oil! (It is really unharitage to play the ball!)

On the evening of October 8, 2018, the saints met the red skin, 3 minutes before the end of the half, “pig ignored” with a 62-yard pass to declare the new passed the ball, this night is this name. People calling “Drew Brees”

More praises are not enough to express this man’s magic, the performance of the fans is the best proof, and the people who have witnessed the more amazing feat, excited to not say words

In the future, there are every game of Bris, he will refresh your own record again, let us bless this man together, wish the saints farther, I wish Briser farther!

Thank you for watching this program, let’s see you next week!