Explore! The Ensbide single-game rate is less than 20% of the past three years.

More than 76 people in the middle of the array, once praised by the outside world as the first center. But with the growth of Jojiqui, this statement is not mentioned recently. Even so, Enshid is already one of the best strokes in the alliance, and his ability is still vision.

However, Entbide will short the game in the game, which is often what happened. In 76 people with the Celtics, Enabad was 33 minutes, 17 casts only 3, the hit rate was only 17%, and finally got 13 points. As a center, the hit rate is less than 20%, which is indeed a little too much.

Of course, the Horde hand is not good, this is related to Huoford’s defense. This game, 35-year-old Huiford took the appreciation of Enabide, and reported a revenge that was traded by 76 people. After the game, the Boston Media was also labeled “still Behind Dad” in an https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com interview.

The reason why it is still because https://www.maillotbasket6.comEnshid has been taking the Celtics. On February 2, 2020, 76 people with the Celtics, only 1 of Bidd 1, got 11 points 5 plates 1 assists, personal positive negative value is -25. That game, Entbide was tough, and finally the tough defense of Daniel Tes.

In fact, more than 2 months, that is, November 26, 2019, Enged has a lexic performance of 11 in 11 in the field. That game, the opponent of 76 people was the Raptors, and the Bodde was on the small Gasol, which is also a shadow that the inner heart of Enabe has fallen.

As a big center, Enshid has been in the past three years, and a game will be less than 20% of the hit rate. Such performance is indeed some outrageous. Enshid is the place where the fans is sick, that is, his play is too dependent on the whistle whistle. Once you want to free, Enshid will play extremely awkward.