Export, ban, fine, warning! James has been punished, is the official to accelerate the NBA condition?

Recently, James’s troubles!

Since the recovery of injury, James has not changed significantly after the record of injury, but some troubles continue to find the door. James has recently been punished, expelled, banned, fine, warning! It is estimated that James is the whole career, intensive, is it now?

In the game of the Piston team, James hit the face of Stewart, causing a fierce conflict. The referee is directly played back, it is directly a second-level malicious foul to play James. This is the second time in James long career! After the game, NBA official added penalties and put James for a https://www.nbatrikots4.com game!

James returned after the game, James helped the team to lock the team because of the competition of the squad. https://www.maillotbasket6.com James made an indecent celebration movement and was fined $ 15,000 by NBA official. When James was interviewed after the game, James talked about the crude mouth when he was banned, and was warned by the alliance.

James is the first person in the NBA, and the NBA history sits on the two-point players, so densely punished. This should be more rare. So what do the NBA Alliance want to do? Let’s first see if these penalties are right!

James was expelled and banned, which were caused by the Hatt Turta. James said when he is interested, it is intentional, because Stewart has been pushing him with hand, he wants to get rid of Stewart’s entanglement. But the face of playing Stewart is unintentional. After https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Stewart lost his balance, his head hit his hand. James also believes that it is expelled, but it is banned …

Ok, because James is dissatisfied with the ban, it has been exploded when he interviewed the reporter, and he was okwardly warned by the alliance. As for the indecent celebration of the steps, it is normal. There were many players who were fined because of this celebration, this movement is also prohibited by the alliance.

We combed James’s punishment, and some reasonable and have a bias. At the very least, James did not take care of it because of his own rivers and lake. Is there such a behavior such as the NBA League to express the handover of the NBA authority to accelerate the NBA After all, when James gradually go, the alliance needs to launch a new first person quickly. The Lakers’ record is very https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com unsatisfactory this season, and it is not much time to complete James and New Year cards in NBA!