Find a good ball and get the CCIRERMRIAL CRICE Cori to get the full ticket

The MLB 2021 season’s racing award selection has just come to an end, and the absolute advantage of the nearly full ticket is obtained by the US League. He got 29 first votes, Detroit reporter Jason Baker is the only person who puts a head name vote to Gritco.

Last season, Lei almost various data ran throughout the United States, including 32 first hair, 193.1 The number of pound bosses, 248 sputum, 2.84 self-sharing rate and 1.045 WHIP. But the thunder finally only got 13 wins and 7 negative records, but in this era, the inclination of the victory is very large, and the reference value is not very big.

What kind of pitcher who figured out last year’s thunder can know that he is not easy in this season, it is not easy to get a competition last season, last season, the points of self-blame is as high as 6.62, and it is a pitcher for all pitching. the worst. He ultimately was almost sent to the blue bird in the last month before the end of the season, although the state has improved, but it is also unbearable.

Lei last year, every nine-year-in-law, even better than this year’s 11.2, but he couldn’t find a good ball belt last year. The number of boasts of every nine bureau is an amazing 7.8 times. This is not a big union pitcher. Some data. In the first two months of the snake, he sent 31 guaranteed 31 times in the 31.0 bureau. There were 12 times in total of 12 times, and 5 guaranteed, 5 guaranteed and 4 guaranteed.

At the end of last year, the blue bird used a one-year-annual contract with him, and the thunder in some people can only collapse it directly, the blue bird is very likely to float, but finally It turns out that the blue bird gambling is right. He has got the fifth race of the Blue Bird Team and became the fourth pitcher who got the Celeron Award.

The blue bird’s last race award pitcher is the late Roy-Hara, his 2003 season, which is also a problem that there is no good ball. Recently, the blue birds in 1996 to 1998 realized Sai Yang Awards Sanchai, Pat-Hundgen once, Roger Clemens twice. And the thunder has also become the ninth in history. After getting a racing award, I entered the free player market, recently N years, except that he has only Trevo-Bauer after getting a Celeron Award, gets free players Qualified.

It is worth mentioning that the self-sharing rate in the previous year, the thunder is 6.62, and he also exceeds the 2008 Cleve – Li, became a year before the Celeron Award, self-blame The highest split pitcher, Li in the 2007 self-sharing is as high as 6.29.