For basketball! Two people who are still eager, still eager to be the stage of NBA

In recent time, the 2023 men’s basketball team qualifiers gradually opened, and the Chinese men’s basketball team who was fighting in the Japanese Sendai will not be bloody, and they won two victories. However, on the other end of the ocean, the American men’s basketball team also ushered in their second opponent in the world – Mexican men’s basketball team. The Mexican Men’s Basketball in the name was actually played at the third stage of the game once, and finally defeated the American men’s basketball team from the “five-wire team” at 97-88. The only highlight of the competition, I am afraid it is a little Pomass with a US men’s basketball team. Operations, Xiaobaz 11, extremely efficiently within 24 minutes of the 24-minute appearance time and sent 10 assists, but Xiaobimas’s magical played eventually did not help American men’s basketball team to accept this victory. .

The Cossosman declares back to NBA. The past friends did not forget to send blessings.

Recently, the news about Castus returning to NBA is also the hot discussion of fans on social media, and a topic of fans is most keen to discuss, Cousins ??is coming back, Xiao Tomas returns to NBA and there are How far is the way? As we all know, Xiaobaas and Corson have worked hands in the Sacramento kings to play a period of time. In that time, the strongest 175 of the surface has also established a very deep friendship with Da Xincusins. After woj broke the Sinus Bucks, the old old friend Xiao Tomas sent a blessing to her good brother in the first time, and this blessing is that it is inevitable to Xiaobamas.

Two people have a good look, and there are too many similar things in your career.

Why do you like to compare Cousins ??and Xiao Tomas, but it is also reasonable. It is well known that Xiao Tobass and Cuckus’s starting point is the Sacramento Kings, and the reason why they are “the way” is that the starting point of their career is completely different. As the “King of Kings” in the first round of the first round, the big man players from the University of Kentucky have been famous before entering the league, so after being selected by the Kings, Coss is naturally a ball. Team focusing on the subject. However, at the 2011 dradage conference, Xiao Tomas was selected by the Sacramento kings, and the Kings chose the ingredients of Xiao Tomas, but after entering the NBA. The strongest 175 of this surface gradually made everyone see his horror.

There is also a great common point between Cousins ??and Xiaobimas, which has rejected very rich contracts. In 2017, the Kings even intentionally made a super contract worth $ 2 billion in 5 years, but at that time, Caucus did not put this contract in his eyes, but to choose to go. The Dragonfly and Davis have formed an inner parallel. However, after the squad, after the injury of the bleck break, Coss is once again refusedly, but he was taken by the Warriors with a Chinese contract. After that, Whether in the Lakers, Rockets or the Clippers, Cousins ??has never got a contract with a basic salary.

In 2017, in 2017, Xiaoba was able to contribute 28.9 points 2.7 rebounds and 5.9 assists in the Bay of 5.9 assists in the Celtics. The second place in the rankings, second only to Larry Bird. At that time, the Celtic team, Anji, Anji once provided a 4-year value of 70 million US dollars for Xiao Tomas, but the heart of Xiaobamas also did not put this contract in the eyes. It is even more ridiculous that they have to use trucks in the offset period to renew the banknotes. What I didn’t think of. At this time, Xiaoba’s hips are also increasingly serious. After a few months, he became one of the chips of Greenkai used to trade Kayi-Owen.

He is eager to return, he has handed a “sketched” in countless times.

It can be said that incorrect choices and injuries are also the common point of Xiaobaas and Coossin. In the end, the two of the victims and destruction have gradually become the margin of the NBA Alliance. In the offset period, Xiao Tobass used to cut 81 points
in the semi-vocaple, after the end of the game, this once the green kai leader was embarrassed, and he went alone, and shouted: “They gave up me!”, That moment, I don’t know how many fans are moving. After a few times, Xiao Tomas has a team of American men’s basketball team. Maybe this game is not a high level of attention, but for Xiao Tomas, he is just simply playing for playing, desire It can be re-returned to the public vision through this event.

According to Wang Jian, a domestic senior basketball expert, I will go to the overseas league will also be one of Xiao Tomas. However, for this super-score-made breakup in Boston, he is always in the heart of the heart. NBA Alliance.