Front raids took over the anger of the anger, "playing the ball and dances with the devil"

Nowadays, the raid team has received the strongest of NFL Antonio – Brown, in addition, this team is currently holding three first roundabouts, and the raid people want to make a achievements in the next season. But can they really do something in the United Affairs partition like people think? Perhaps the raid will not meet people’s expectations, because there is such a front raided player to revealed that the team’s head coach Qiong En-Groen may be the biggest problem that hinders the team.

“Qiong En-Grunette hates the young man”, “I am as horrible to dance with the devil in him,” these comments are from the mouth of the front raid plug-in-handle-Potter. Jerry Pot was a raid in 2000 to the 2007 season, and in the 2000 season and 2001 season, this outer junction has worked with Qiong En-Ge Run, and is working with Ge Run. In the two seasons, the baud as a rookie player has almost no chance to get the opportunity. Under the advice of Grunette, Potter has even doubted to his career.

“Too bad, I even want to fight for a wave with Garden,” Obviously Pott hate Groad. This decomited multi-year external hand describes Ge Run to a “crude wild, it is difficult to get harmoniously” with players. ” Potter is recognized that when Grunette’s coaching raid, the two never had a real communication, and this head coach never wants to treat young people. Under the complaint of Jerry Potter, we know that Grobe does not have to see young people who are eager to prove their.

However, today’s Qiong Groen seems to change, after entering the main raid, this head coach cleaned Calier Mark, Amary-Cooper and other main power, and exchanged a big Draft. It seems that the idea of ??this coach has been advised to keep pace with the times, wanting to create a reasonable and future for the raid. For this situation, Jerry Pot said: “New show? Young people? The previous Gridon can never wait for them, at least I have never seen it before, this era, this is a rare thing. “

But in fact, from the raid person to pay the draft of the draft, this coach is still unwilling to trust the new show from the middle and low-wheel round, even if the low and low players have a good talent, but Groad is still lacking some patient. But in any case, this is not the problem he needs to worry about Antonio Brown, just joined the raid. As the top extension of the league, he is an experienced old will be the best guarantee of the attack group of the raid, Ge Rarden is willing to respect.