Fu Anjian reveals the Truth of Tamada to Nadama: I think I will get hot thorn.

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The Japanese feet of Arsenal’s Japanese feet Fu Anyang recently appeared in the programs “Time” in the inner field of the inner terrestrial person. In the program, there is a link to go online with active players playing overseas, listening to the difficulties that they tell in foreign life and the secrets of kicking in this state. In the show, Fu’an, shared his own changes in England and the enthusiasm of the world.

As a young guards that support the last defense line of the Japanese national Mbappé Jersey team, the Summer will transfer from Bologna to Arsenal this summer. After the new team is stable as the main player, the team’s results have also risen straight, and his role is not obvious.

From this year’s Tokyo Olympics, Fu Anjian has not Manchester United Jerseybeen resting, but he said that the current state is better than in Italy, he also elaborates the reasons.

“There is too much tactical drill in Italy, so sometimes it will not go all out to train, but once it makes it out in the game, it is easy to get together. Different in Arsenal, in Arsenal Training The days have a hundred percent efforts every day, we do short-run testing and use equipment to train in the gym, I think this is very suitable. “

In addition, he also revealed the truth about this summer. “When I linked me with the thermal thorn, I thought I had to go to the Cheap Soccer Jersey thorn. Time is very tight, Arsenal has no news. At that evening (Arsena) suddenly took Out of it, then I will fix it. “

Fu’an Jianyang now feels trust from coaches and teammates, but expresses their own ideas:“I have no ideaWhat will be becoming after a season, we are still challenge, if I can return to the peak with Arsenal, then where the place I am in the world is the best place in the world, this is the best for me. . “

In the face of the upcoming November-story two-game preliminaries, Fu Anjian expressed its determination.

“Because it is driving on the road, it may encounter a lot of difficulties, but I think as long as you stick to the Japanese style football, we will not lose in Asia. I hope we can focus on our football and do it. What is nothing wrong with it? “