Fully impact the first two of the country! The last round of the Saints regular season will be played

December 26 (Wen / ESPN MIKE Triplett Compile / Love) When the crow is beautiful to sit in the United States, the regular position will choose a chair, and the multi-team team has also asked this. One situation. But unlike the United States, the country’s seeds are still confusing; so although New Orleans Saints locked a seasons seat early, they still chose to play the last round of competition.

Saint Parston Pedton is asked in Wednesday, because the team mains four-point DREW BREES and the outer hand Michael Thomas In a restricted training, Pedton’s attitude is very firm. “No, no, no, no, no, we will never turn away.” Pedon said, “We will still fight for the No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3 seed.”

Indeed, the current 12 wins and 3-negative saints may become the No. 3 seed of the National Union. Because they overcome the black panther even in the last round, if the same recorders and 49 people win the ball in the last round, they can only flexion 3 seed seats; if the packwork or 49 people can lose the ball, Then, the Saint will rise to the 2nd seed. At present, they can send the Hawks who have won the 49 people again to win again.

Of course, they also have the hope of impact No. 1 seed seat, which is the winner of the winner and 49 people. But I expect 3 wins and 11-louder 1 flat lions to defeat the package, undoubtedly a small probability event.

Who is the most popular external connections this year? MT is correct

Who is the most popular external connections this year? MT is correct

In the 2010 season, the Saint faced a situation and now very similar, when they had the opportunity to become a number one seed. That year, they chose full strikes, but they were reversed, they lost four players in Markham-Jenkins, Jimmy-Glaham, which also lost the playoffs.

When I was asked with this “black memory”, Pedton said: “I don’t think this is what we have to consider this week.” In fact, no matter how Pedon’s decision, there are some injured in the saint The first player, the status of their original play is doubtful. Briser was listed as a knee injury. Thomas was listed as a hand injury, and the security CJ-Gardner Johnson (C. J. Gardner-Johnson) was listed as hips, and these three were restricted. Training.

Titan Runaway Liu Yi and Apur collision caused the latter injury

Titan Runaway Liu Yi and Apur collision caused the latter injury

In addition, the corner Wyra-Apur did not appear last week.

In order to alleviate the bad defensive second line, the saints even signed the old defenders and defended Shawne-Sheide. It seems that even if the team’s injury is not optimistic, Pelton will still fight for the seed seat.