General Manager of the raid revealed the draft experience: these two colleges will receive a boutique

Auckland raids took away 9 players in the 2019 Eleventhouts, including three first round show. Speaking of this year’s raid people, the main coach Qiao-Grunette and the general manager Mike Meek The players in the University of Clemenson are right.

The raid people have 4 new show from Alabama or Clemsen, including two first round show. The first is that Klemen’s defensive end of Krin-Ferrell is selected in the fourth time. This is the biggest surprise that the draft conference began (until the New York giant chooses quad saving Daniel – Jones) . Meek told the website reporter Albert-Bol: “After considering all situations, we chose a Klemenson player with high suits, even if he was not so high in the previous prediction. He is Clemsen manufacturing. I am very clear in my heart. He is the person we want, no matter whether he is the fourth, the eighth is the ten-step position, he doesn’t matter, he will become our people. “

“He is the kind of base stone player,” Mei Jike said: “More importantly, he is a three-stop defensive player, can play in anti-run and anti-transmission. Ferreell is not the kind of full-time Hand, very comprehensive, will play a lot of files for us. For these young people, he will bring a good head, so we can’t wait to choose him. “

NFL’s draft experts may not like Ferreier to make such a high level, before they predict the raid players in the fourth time, the player is asked, the latter, the last seventh time, Jacksonville America Tiger Select. Ferreier graduated from Clemsen, which is very important for Mercles. Just in his first week of the general manager of the raid, Mei Johike looked at the University of Alabama and Clemsen Championship. There, he saw Ferreell’s power, and also saw the running Weight Jacobs (24), the corner Wei Titravan – Murlan (second round) and the outside Flor (fifth round).

Mei Joker recalls: “Before the start of the game, I deeply feel the two teams in the field. This is the strongest rugby school school in the United States. It has been this in the past few years.” When you walk in the court before the game, Looking at these guys warm up, and I looked at the record and deeply felt that they would succeed in NFL. At that time, I said to the people around you ‘guys, forget other teams in this country, if you can choose a player from these two teams, it will definitely succeed. “”

Klemenson and Alabama two rugby colleges have added 7 times in the NCAAF finals in the past 4 years, ruling college olives. In theory, the raids of the raids met a lot of demand, but how did the results have to score for a few years, but the team must succeed, depending on Delik Carl and Joe-Grunette. Ferreier, Murlen plus another first-round show safe Wei Jonathan – Abraham sitting on the defense In the 2019 season, there is no excuse.