Getting guard offensive rebound cap row a new show second you dare to believe? When the fans of the thunder tube were conquered by Jigdi

Thunder has always been known as the NBA Whampoa Military Academy, from the Thunder’s strength. Thousands of Thunder Three are not mentioned, Orado, Small Sabinis and the current Alexander are excellent players. This year’s NBA draft conference has won the Thunder, they selected Australian players Giti. At first, people have skeptical about this tall Australian player. People are worried that he can adapt to the anti-strength strength of NBA, whether his technology is molded.

This time, these concerns can be disappeared in this period of time. Giteri is not only excellent, but also adapts to NBA’s confrontation strength and found its own lottery point. Today’s multiple data is ranked in front of the league. Average 10.8 points 7.3 rebound 5.8 assists, this is the current data of Giti. Jidi’s average will help the new show of this year. As a ball guard, Giti grabbed 1.7 offensive rebounds in all rookies second. There is no more than Jigdo.

Looking at Giti This season, the performance of the Thunder fans should take it, the vision of the Thunder’s management is really good. In the beginning, those fans in the Thunder management should take a look at Giti’s performance. Giti fully interpreted his talent. On the quality of sports Qidid, he can’t be fast, and there is a wind. He relies more on the rhythm when playing.

Although Jidi said that his body is high, his driver’s ability is not bad. Especially for the control of the rhythm. Before the previous Australian league, Li Gang’s game has exceeded 7, and his assists this season is more than 5.8. You know, the Thunder has a lot of young players to take the ball. Alexander needs to control the ball, Dalt also needs to control the ball. Jidi did not open fire.

Giti has a unique advantage in passing the ball. I gave him a very good pass. Girdy’s playback speed is very fast, not sticky. It is worth mentioning that the previously effective three-ball Bauer in the Australian League also has this character.

The rebound can reflect a player’s consciousness. Jidi did not explode the body talent, what is the more than 7 rebounds? It is conscious. Jidi’s judgment on the rebound point is very accurate. After getting the rebound, the Thunder can quickly play against. Girdi is the propeller of the team. Especially the offensive rebound, the station of the ball guard is relatively detachable. It is not easy to get an offensive rebound. Girida will take 1.7 rebounds to be the best embodiment of his ability, and his appearance is only 30 minutes.

The defensive end Githi is surprising, and a controlled back sanquet has sent 0.6 caps, ranking 2nd. Talented Mobley is the same as Gitei. This data can prove that Giti has a limited anti-defense awareness in the defensive end, which does not have many young players.

Finally, Gitei still needs attention. As a guard Jidi’s shooting capacity is not good, the current three-pointer intermediate rate is less than 29%. Averaint shot 3.5 can only hit a goal. Waiting this basic SGGD is also difficult to use, and his penalty is not 65%. This year, Chan Ningan although the shot is very low, the free throw rate is close to 90%. This is the gap.

Thunder’s choice of vision is never poor. Three thunder’s case is enough to let the fans believe in Giteri
will not water. The season has just begun, Gitei has not really found his rhythm. When he fully output, the Thunder’s strength will come to the next level. Readers friends, how do you think Giti is the performance of this season? Welcome to leave a message in the article.