Guo Lianxi District, Tian Tianjian, Tanfei Dodge 4-0 complete the snake

On August 11th, Beijing time, MLB staged a national association in the National United District, and the traditional giants of the main scene of the town, the Los Angeles Dodge Time was completely sealed with the snake.Qiang Tian Jialao first seven games were only knocked out 3 sparestars, and there were no guarantees. This time I got the victory and made his season’s personal record from 8-8.

This hairdo 奇 队 78-41 continued to lead the country, 59-58 columns of the snake snake, sixth, the second winemaker, the second winemaker.

[Data Highlight]

Qiang Tian Jian Jia was in the 7th game without fragmentation, and sent six three vibrations.

[Competition process]

Yesterday, the game did not lead the whole leader, 9 bureaus, Jensen closed the doors, Keller’s home base, dragging the competition into the extended bureau, the extension of the Bureau is Keller Yangchun, helping the snake lock win. At present, the snake still does not give up the hope of competing for the outer card, and the Dodge wants to strive to win the regular season name.

The first half of the first half of the Tian Tian Jian Taibei, the snake team Dai Sen knocked out the earth, the Dodge guerrillary – Sigger biochemistry assassinated. Then Malt’s roll earth was also assassinated by Siguel. The weak roll of Espoba was received by White, he took the second bureau. Beatsa Jianhai three rolling earth finished three three.

1 The next half of the snake team Alex-Yang Goun, Dodge A.j.-Polo’s flat-fly ball was killed by the snake left outer wilder Saralta. After the Turner knocked out the top of the three bases, the snakes, the Snake. The Dodge team three sticks, the top of the pitcher, Yang Xiaqiu Treated the bobbin. Yang Tong was completed in three three.

The 2nd game continued to be sent, and Peralta knocked out the football, and Huaiji took the ball to kill the Pellarta. After that, Jones’s right outer wild flipball was killed by Bellinjan. Rum knocked out the second base to roll the earth, and the Mangxi biochemistry assassinated him. Yutian Jian Taotai completed six six.

2 The second half of the second half of the wondered Baylinjun is out of the bureau, Mangxi knocked out the Chinese and foreign wild spring guns, and the Dodge team was 1-0 lead. White knocks out the second base to roll the earth, and the Florez is assassinated. Subsequently, Schger waves were emanded.

The first half of the three games, Tian Jian Tai continued to shoot, Florez and Avila continuously swanted to fall, and Yang chuck out the pitcher before rolling the earth was assassinated. 3 The second half Yang continues to shoot, Russel Martin, the second base is hitting, and the Ma Tian Jian Tai and AJ-Pollock continuously rolled the earth, Justin Turner was directly guaranteed, and the necropolitan is ready to return. Russel Martin, Turner to the second base. Dodge 2-0 leads and attacked one or two bases in 2 people. Belinjener is running out of this half.

4 The upper half of the tuxedon team Dai Sen is hitting the base, but the Dodge will then ask the recording playback challenge, the referee finally judges out. Malt is hitting the base, and the Espoba kinemate is killed by Poly, then Marta’s second base is successful. Peralta is standing in front of himself.

4 The second half of the road is attacked, and the Mangxi is selected to keep the upper base, and the Wai’s earth is going out, and the Mangxi goes to the second base. Yang picks up the explosion of Mangxi to the top, Siger chooses to keep the upper base, Martin’s knockout is playing, Mangxi ran back to the home base score, Sigger to the third base. The front of the nursing is too short, and Sigger ran back to the home, Martin went to the second base, and the front field came to the first base. After that, Pooko’s foot base is played to make the Taoist attack, the snake team replaces the pitcher, Kevin – Jindel played. After the Turner knocked out the right foreign country, the high-flying ball was killed, and the peter Sen of Peter Sen is killed.

5 The upper half of the tail snake team Jones waved the rod, and the Rum guerrilla direction was killed, and the Florez waved the air to go out. 5 The lower half of the snake replaced Robbie Scott, Berlinja flying ball was killed by Lance, Mangxi stood with Zhen Zhen, and Waited Zhong and foreign wild highlights were killed by Dai Sen.

The 6th Bureau, the first half of Tian Jian Tai continued to spread the ball, Avira’s left outer field high flying ball was killed by Petersen, Walker knocked out a hit, Dai Sen’s left outer rushing ball was killed, Malt rushed to assassinate it. 6 The next half of the West Gal waves were empty by the three vibration, Martin selected to keep Martin to advance the second base. Pollock is selected to be guaranteed, and Turner’s small ball is killed by Walker.

The 7th game has continued to spread the ball, and Eska rushed to the earth, and the right front of Pellal Tower was out of the game. 7 The next semi Skott continues to shoot, Peter Sen is hitting the base, Berlinji left foreign country high-speed ball is killed, Mangxi waves falls in a quarter, and the White waves falls in the bureau.

8 games, halfway, changed to Ferguson, Amed Roller, Rocherstro, a small football, Avira selected to keep the base, then Dodge sent Kelly to shoot, Walker rushed to go out. 8 The next half of the snake sent Lopez to spread the ball, Sigger rushed to the game, Martin’s small flying ball was killed, Matt – Betty rolled out. 9 bureau, halfway, sent Jensen closing, Dai Sen rushed to the earth, Marter, the Eskapa flat, the Pellarta high flying ball was killed by Berlin. The final Dodge 4-0 home has completely sealed the snake.

[Two sides starting]

Los Angeles Daoqi

A stick of Chinese and foreign wilder A.j.- Pollock

Two sticks, three bases, Justin Turner

Three stick left outer wilder Cristoof – Negu

Four sticks right wilder hand Colin – Beilinjie

Warrior Max – Mangxi

Six sticks 手 勒 – White

Seven stick guerrillas – Sig

Eight stick caters Russel Martin

Nine sticks

Arizona Snake

A stick of Chinese and foreign wilder Gar Luode – Dai Sen

Two guerrillas C?te d’IvoMalt

Three sticks 3rd bases Edward – Eshkiba

Four stick left outer wilder David – Peralta

Warlord Right Outfielder Adam – Jones

Six sticks – Lam

Seven sticks two bases Wilmo – Florez

Eight sticks, Alex-Avila

Nine sticks, Alex-Yang

[Next prospect]

The next game will be the third game of both sides, the Dodge team will send Liu Xianzhen, Liu Xianzhen, the previous record 11-2, and the self-sharing rate is only 1.53. The last Liu Xianzheng has a 7-game snake who has been played by 3 to save 0. The snake will send Mike Rick, and Rick came to the tail snake on August 6 to board the game, 5.1 bureau was hit by 11 security. Rick This season is 9-8, and the self-sharing rate is 4.24.