Hasty signing players Seahawks defensive group is accused of poor performance have been hungry

Poverty can make people hungry, this is a true portrayal of the Seattle Seahawks. Former Cleveland Browns linebacker Mai Kaer – Kendricks because OTC involved in illegal insider trading will face up to 25 years in prison, but in today’s Seattle Seahawks puts him back. Seahawks on Sunday after being blasted 470 yards, they have been looking for the Denver Broncos in the market, some substantial help, and for now they were not picky in selecting players, Kendricks will immediately posts this week.

According to ESPN reports, the Seahawks have decided to Kendricks reached one-year contract, also plans to play him in a game against the Chicago Bears on Monday night game. This contract looks very hasty, because Kendricks is very likely to eat because of the lawsuit and could not finish the season. He himself admitted facts of the crime of illegal insider trading this month, he will learn his fate at a hearing in December.

It is reported that Kendricks insider information in four major investment, the illegal profits of nearly $ 1.2 million. Court prosecutor in eastern Pennsylvania Sven Mack said Kendricks if found guilty, then most likely face a long prison life. A few years ago a 名名叫达米尔 – Goldman Sachs analyst Suonuoyiji passing insider information, the message includes the 2013-2015 acquisitions of some stocks. The Kendricks To obtain this inside information, is also suspected of match tickets to pay $ 10,000 in cash and the Hawks to Suonuoyiji. August 30, Kendricks accident on the first day of the Browns cut him

NBA Draft 2012 season, the Seahawks selected Bobby – before Wagner, Philadelphia Eagles ahead with a second-round pick away Kendricks, the past few years he has served as the weak-side linebacker in the Eagles. Currently Seahawks defensive group of four walls, K.J Wright was recovering from being arthroscopic surgery, is expected on Monday continued absence, Bobby – Wagner also appeared a groin strain in training on Thursday.

Rookie Shakui Mu – Griffin alternative Wright played on Sunday starter, but he was out of position several times from the point of view in the game, head coach Pete – Carroll on Tuesday promised will give another bench linebacker Austin – Cary Castro more playing time.

Last season the Eagles win the Super Bowl following the Kendricks, completed the season 73 tackles, 2 sacks and six anti-pass success, the Hawks played several defensive gear 59.6. According to PFF data show Kendricks won a career-high 87.4 points anti-run. While still in when the play, but Kendricks off this problem is very serious, the Seahawks could use him to 12 months, to leave the team at the time looking for a replacement.

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