Hu Mingxuan has also exposed the cause of the national team, not the problem of skin allergies, and the name said

According to the provisions of the International Basketball 2014, the team allows the use of 0,00 and 1-99 jerseys, the new rules have a lot of restrictions on the jersey number.
Now players can choose the jersey number according to their own preference, but the players of the same team must not have the same number.

International Basketball Focus on 2014, the team must use the number of 4-15 numbers because in the game, in order to avoid the team number and score confusion, in order to make the record station more clearly, do not wear 1, 2, 3 Jolt; not wear a jersey with digital numbers; because the digital number is too large, the dedupser is not easy to use gestures to indicate.

For NBA players, the jersey number is not just a sign when playing playing, but also a symbol of the player himself. Especially after a general player has become a star, the representative number has become a subject of fans to compete. The diverse jersey number also adds ornamental to the basketball game. Next, inventory is the most popular 10 big jersey number welcome:

No. 0: The best of these is Alitalas.

No. 1: Among them, T-Mac, Penny, Bi Lubus, etc.

No. 3: Ephsen, Francis, Marbury, Wade, Ben. Wallace, Paul, as if you don’t have to say it again.

No. 8: No need, I said that everyone’s most familiar No. 8 must be Kobe, and https://www.maillotbasket6.comWalker, Sprieville, Nestlovic, is also wearing a jersey.

No. 11: Tall Yao Ming, Big Z, Dwarf Bykins, there is a famous bad kid in Isetia in history.

No. 21: Duncan, Garnett, Magloir, Dave. Bin is the famous No. 21 in history.

No. 23: This number is basically Jordan’s worshipers, James, Camby, Richardson, Kevin Martin, chasing dreams

No. 32: The legendary magician Ye Wanx, Bill, Wharton, Mc Haier, O’Neill, Stadama has passed through 32

No. 33: Jiabal and Bird and Pipon are 33, also Grantehill, Danny Granger, Mark Gasol

No. 34: No. 34 seems to be the number of the star, such as the big dream and the O’Neill, Pierce

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