I am not a reed, but I like Lu Han’s entertainment circle to play the best actor.

My work is involved, and the speech of foreigners is home to the house. Foreigners like sports people are very high. I have always felt that people in the economically developed regions are more love to move. In fact, it is not this concept. Southeast Asia’s body is very general, but the enthusiasm for sports is far better, this will play It is even more than. The supervisor of our Technical Department comes from Norway, or a woman, the ball is great, and the company has tested kicked the ball. She kicked with us, and the foot of the shot was hibernation.

Try a try, most people can’t stand

After a long time, these people will always talk to me some Chinese football topics. Honestly, don’t brag, many things you can’t communicate with others, so I really have blowing a lot of cattle for Chinese football, and today I will communicate with everyone!

Which man doesn’t like to boast?

We are public welfare football!

You can get the World Cup!

Muller is a German, Schalk 04 fans, his left arm is covered with a team of Schalke Club, so even if he is cold, he likes to wear short sleeves – so tattoo can be exposed ! I have been with him a few times a few new heavens, I really have a high German German because of his tattoos to find him a tamil one news india cup. Muller likes to talk about football, the favorite club naturally has no suspense, the most annoying club is Leipzi Red Bull, he thinks that Leipzi red cattle has destroyed the original atmosphere of German football, because the German club decision fans have to participate in power, since After Leipzig red cattle came, everything turned off. He asked me that China’s football club is what attitude is the fans, is it like Leipzig? I thought about it, I decided to blow a little bull!

Schalke 04, German devil home

Many of China’s football club is a national conventional background. They are almost ok, they pursue a public welfare football, so that the fans are their biggest appeal, so they are willing to listen to the fans! – I am on the side of the coffee and put the word!

Public welfare football?

He looked at news today’s news me, I was afraid that he did not believe, giving him a video of Mr. Chen to interview, when the four words of the public welfare football appeared on the mobile phone screen, I pressed the pause button, then use his mobile phone The translation software turned these four words into German, seeing the result of him staying for about a second, suddenly applauding, praise out: Chinese football will be able to get the World Cup in the future!

I can only report to courteous smile!

so awkward

Muller comes from football developed countries, he may not fully understand our public welfare football, but weird is, according to his worldview, such football is the most beautiful. I can fully understand our public welfare football, but I think the existence of this football is the problem, and the problem caused is also very today’s international news in english times of india embarrassing. This kind of thinking is very interesting. It looks like the surrounding city: I want to go outside, I want to go outside, but it is a kind of understanding. – May our Football Association is in designing China in accordance with Germany The football stage, but I have forgotten a lot of basic factors in German football, and China can affect the external factors of football and too much, so they don’t even understand the last fluff!

We and the German football gap is too big.

When I was young, I felt that the development of Chinese football was very simple. The successful experience of the copy of the country, with the age, gradually understand a lot of characteristics of the Chinese society, so she understood that the way to copy this way will not go through. Limited to the low level, how to get out of the all hindi news channel name football reform of China’s national conditions, I think I can’t give the correct answer, but I think I know at least two conditions that must be given to the correct answer: objective and cautious! Unfortunately, these two points, our Football Association seems to go forward for decades, and there is no choice but to leave four words: I don’t know the so-called!

So compared to the Chinese Football Association, I have been blowing through Chinese football, it is really worth mentioning!

The other words, it is difficult to strike, and the brick is pushed, I hope everyone will leave a message! This article is from the network, copyright belongs to the original author!

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