In addition to C Luo, what is the left front to take the Golden Games? he! His technology does not lose C Luo?

Take all the left front of the Golden Games, all surname Luo?

The number of the top of the golden ball is really C Luo.

However, the left side of the Golden Games has been taken.

In addition to C Luo, there is another Ronaldinio.

We all know that C Ronalded Manchester United and Real Madrid, won 5 Golden one time news in tamil Games.

The Golden Ball Awards today world news in tamil later, C Luo was got as the left side of the front.

Before C Rona, Ronaldinho has also taken the Golden Award with the left side of the front.

Some fans don’t agree, will it say that Ronaldinho is not the top? How did it become a left front?

I can only say that Ronaldini is really playing, but during the effect of Barcelona, ??Ronaldinho is really left.

Brazil “Football Elf” Ronaldinho, in 2003 to 2008, Parcel.

At that time, the core of Barcelona is the Portuguese star Deco, Harvey is a deputy of Deko, Messi and Iniesta are Renainer’s rotation players in Barcelona. Barskz has not entered a team.

The trident in the front field of Barcelona is Little Roboto and Longli, of which Xiao Luo often kicks the left.

Of course, the left side of Little Luo is not responsible for the news today news channel bottom-up of the forefielders, aaj tak india today but is biased to the “front waist” or “sidewalk organization core”.

During the kicking of Barcelona, ??the Brigado won the Champions League and La La League, and won the 2005 Golden Award, and Mr. World Football in 2004 and 2005.

So, my answer is that there are two left front to take the Golden Award, they all surname Luo, respectively, Ronaldinho and C Luo.

Among them, as Messi’s teacher in Barcelona, ??the technology of Ronaldinio’s foot technology, still do not lose the generation C Luo.