Is it an attitude to give a gift? Is this true? Why don’t you give birth to a gift?

The solution is that the city gives the venue and the country will give football.

First, time and venue

The child’s football atmosphere is good, you can go online, you can watch cable TV, satellite TV, sports class with football projects, and children play football in the same age. Good atmosphere, conditional parents can also buy football to children.

Interests, football is also, lacking is the venue, lacking time.

The time of the child in the city basically gave learning to study, or the homework is either an interest class, the most important thing is that there is no venue to play. School school is studying, and the parents came to pick up their children. The school must lock the door, and the child wants to go home to eat. Children in junior high school must go home to do homework or supplement, even if you want to play, you can’t find so many people have the same time, and people who are identical to play together. Weekend can be played together, but weekends don’t open their doors; to nearby college students are playing, and they are also fighting with them.

With the growth of grades, the burden of lessons is getting more and more serious. There are many occupied hours, and the spare time has been taken by homework, and there is basically no time to play. Now Soccer Jersey Discount the child is full of tender, afraid of loneliness, no one play together, basically will not practice the playground on the playground. Even if you play together, there are many people who have played together. After grew, more and more people are also more and more, and those who have been to different schools can play more and less. After can’t get better, they don’t know you. I have kicked a good feet, and I gradually bid farewell to football.

Second, interest and football

Country children are stocking, parents let their children go to school to toss at home.

Some people play together, some people have a literacy, study, not so many lessons, and have Kits Football Kits no tutoring. I have been going to school, and I have a group of groups. Time, the key is not interested, there is no football.

Country children rarely know that the project in the football is less, and football is less popular in the country. Children don’t know how to play, I haven’t had to play at all. There are also many children of the same age, but they often play together is to catch birds, patted rubber balls, playing glass balls, chasing climbing trees, and a large amount of time is occupied by these items.

Comrade Lenin said that people’s thought fields, materialism does not occupy, and non-materialism is to occupy. Similarly, the children’s youth is so long, your football does not occupy, others can play things to occupy.

How to cultivate? Liverpool Jersey First, you have to let them know that there is a fun thing with football. Second, you have to let them have football. Third, you have to let them know how football is playing, fourth, you have to make them feel funny.

The country’s TV is basically less receiving the football channel, CCTV’s 5 sets long-term charges, local TV basics do not broadcast sports events, and even rarely broadcast sports news, the grandmother has long “closed the country”, the only way is the picture, only for those who have paid cable TV Look, is there a cable TV in the country? Children don’t know if there is a football project, and how to cultivate interest? Football is not high in private promotion, CCTV is responsible for certain responsibility.

Chelsea JerseyIn addition, even if the child knows the football, they don’t have money to buy a football or football equipment, and the school is fundamentally.Do not teachSoccer This course. They don’t know how to play, don’t play, of course, I don’t know the fun. Therefore, a big batch of good seedlings will be lost in white.

Brazil’s slums out of a lot of great stars, but they have football in a small child! The gap is caused by this! The Football Association only knows to achieve results, but the responsibility is also to be as good! The education sector and TV broadcast department should have a large part of the responsibility.

If you want to Mbappé Jersey rise in Chinese football, you must start from the reform of education and television broadcasting. The reform of the education department now seems to be difficult to make it, then you will start from TV broadcast. From the national conditions of China, the National TV station must have a free sports channel that will be seen in the whole people, so that more children can be attracted to sports.

Popularize football, starting from children, have a certain base, talk about development.

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