Is there another hidden in the five countries? Football reports, Li Tie linger, 2 people left the reason for the cold

At present, with the end of the Kits Football Kits Chinese men’s feet, after the two warm-up match, the national football team has been in the West Asian area, and the preparation of the participating World Preliminaries will be basically completed. It is reported Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey that the national football will embark on the West Asian journey during the 7th. Since this national football is in November, there are only two games. Therefore, Li Tie is also intentionally streamlined, the list of players in the national footprint. According to the official news of the national football, there are five team members who left the team and gave each person’s detailed reason. However, the five players left the truth, I am afraid that there are some differences from official news.

The players who left the national football team were Guo Tian Yu, Wei Shihao, Wang Source, Yin Hongbo and high-stripped Liverpool Jerseywings. Among them, the high standard wing is because there is a injury, and the remaining four players are all in the family. The shortage of high standard wings does exist, so this reason can be accepted. There is a matter of things in the remaining four players’ home, they are particularly embarrassed. The famous football media person “Li Wei R9” is also talking about this matter in social media. Li Wei said according to his understanding, there is indeed a real thing in at least two players in the family, then added, others use four words for family reasons as a reason not to wound.

For Li Wei’s dynamics,Lionel messi Jersey the domestic well-known sports media “Football” is also forwarded, so the credibility of this message is still very high. Therefore, in the five-digit players, there is really a phenomenon of hidden love. First, Yin Hongbo is really a matter of home, Li Wei has also responded in the previous dynamics, emphasizing Yin Hongbo’s things. Therefore, for the high school wing and Yin Hongbo’s leave, it is quite made to let the fans, after all, the two have certain capabilities, get the opportunity to play.

As for Guo Tianyu, Wei Shihao, Wang Source. Laoguo and Wang Source have never received an opportunity to leave the Chelsea Jersey opportunity, leaving is a matter of course, and the national football gives the family reasons to leave the team, and it is also for both sides. Before you reflect the national football team, it is considered tactical arrangements, and now you are not for self-denial. As for Wei Shihao, he has always been a player in the inside of the country since the beginning of the 12th. Li Tie let him leave the team’s decision, or to protect both parties.

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