Jeregi ended Milwaukee? The winemaker offers 200 million US dollars to renew the former national union MVP

On March 4, Beijing time, sources told MLB official website reporters Mark Vansery, Milwaukee winemaker is about to perform renewal with 28-year-old Super Star Cristian – Jeregge, and the total contract will create a team record. Renew Yelic can explain why winemaker is so frugal in this break.

This renewal contract is to increase the addition of 7 years on the basis of the contract of the two years. In the next two years, the team will pay to Jeregi $ 26.5 million, and the total price of the seven years is about $ 190 million, so the total amount of this renewal contract has reached a nine year of 215 million US dollars. In addition, the two sides decided to abandon the team options worth 15 million in the original contract, adding a 2029 option. Sources also said that this contract consists of a certain number of long-term distribution wages.

The existing contract is that Jellic signed with the old mainmann fish before the 15th season, and he will get 12.5 million and $ 14 million in the next two seasons. The team has not confirmed the renewal news, and according to the leading story of Ken-Rosentar, if the two sides can talk about all details, the official message will occur on the local time this Friday. Once the renewal is completed, Jerich’s new contract will be far from the contractual record of the brewed. At least the renewal contract of the 36-year-old season is also expected to let Jerege endowed Milwaukee.

After the November of last year, I learned that I had the most valuable player in Guolian’s most valuable player in the Dodge-Belinjie, Jerege said: “I like to play here (Milwaukee), here is very suitable for me, here for me I am a perfect place, I like the fans here. Although I only have two years, I feel that I have been here for a long time, and I also hope that I can stay here for many years. “

Jeregia is still in the NBA All-Star Hall Dunk Competition

Jeregia is still in the NBA All-Star Hall Dunk Competition

Jerege’s renewal will draw a good period for the winemaker. Baseball Operation President David Stri Striped a 15 larger member, but one of the best players in a league, there is no name to carry on one of the best players in the playoffs. Let people look in front.

The winemaker offs the contract-expiration of the consequences, Greland, Graniro, Mike Musa, with a young catcher, Oma-Navad, and Eric Sogad and The combination of Jude Joiro is replaced, and the total salary of the three is approximately $ 6.5 million. The team also gave up Eric Toms through non-changing ways, trades the first pitcher Zach – Davis and Chase – Anderson. The biggest reinforcement during the team’s break is to sign Avisa Ill Garcia with a contract of 20 million US dollars.

Now everyone finally understands the intention of “sorting resources” during the Benzs 2011. Yelic’s five seasons in the macarium are already a fairly excellent player, but after the winemaker came to the winemaker in January 2018, the first season used. 326 / .402 / .598’s hit three The 36th rampant and 110 points have got the most valuable player award in the country, and team up to the National Union Championship Series.

Although many people think that Jerege’s data in 2019 is not as good as the previous season, he uses the actual performance to prove that he can be better. Bring the three fences. 329 / .429 / .671 (179 standardized offensive index Ops +) The back and knee injury made him end in advance on September 10, perhaps he did not renew MVP’s greatest reasons, and finally Yelic’s gap will got to Belinjan.

This season, the winemaker plans to move Jeregia to the left field. In 2014, he was still in the position of the Golden Hand Clause. A new aid of Nappa, Garcia, is also willing to replace the gaze. When Jeregi to the training camp is fully healthy, but not yet ushered in the first show, the winemaker will wait until this week, let Jerege and Braun on the game.

The wineman’s total coach Craig Conser is talking about Jeregia: “I think people who come to the big league are very good, this is the reason they can achieve this level. But Jerege let us Surprised, because he is still a modest person, but he is also a great person, even if you can’t see it. Jerich has the power and desire required to become a great player, these things will never change, so I believe I believe I believe He can play a top performance year from year. “

“Now Yelic’s high expectations, he sets the goals very amazing. I think he – in fact everyone needs question, do not need a question, I think it is a madman. No matter you What jobs do, you need to question, as long as you correctly transform the question into motivation, there will be a big benefit to you. “