Lakers are not enemy Nix! The eyebrows are, I can’t solve it.

In the event that ended earlier, the Lakers lost 100-106 vianex.

What is the most painful thing to see?

It didn’t win the hope of winning from the beginning, or there is still a hope of turning over, still losing the ball?

Today’s Lakers is the latter.

With a wave of a wave of asphyxia, a large number of Lakers fans will be sent to the hospital to make heart recovery.

Every time I look at the lake, I feel that they are not like coming to play, but more like coming to the other side.

Take the first quarter of Knicks today, the single 36 points to explode the lake, telling the truth, I have never had such a smooth attack.

Besides, the last section, the Lakers, Knicks have three-pointers in the three-pointer, and the Nicks is highly difficult for three points. Some difficulty 9.9, some difficulty 6.6,

You look like a iron, but the basketball is like a long legs, and then it will go in, and then it will be, and it is also in three.

I am reasonable to suspect that there is absolutely big immortal in the practice. Ou Shenxian, shouldn’t you be you? ?

As for the Lakers here?

All kinds of vacancies are three points, and they have to fly into the basket. Who is Nixi’s home basket with the three-dimensional bullets, and I don’t say it to you.

Poor, my generous is broken to kill the enemy, but the turtle is difficult to fight for four hands.

All games, Wei Shaoye cut 31 points 13 rebounds 10 assists, in which the third quarter cut 18 points 2 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals, with teams to chase more than ten points.

Today’s Wei Shao is not very dark!

It’s going to turn around, you have to turn it off! Wei Shaoye was resected;

Wei Shaoye returned to this small party, and continuously creates six chances of vacancy. Once they entered it! Unfortunately, it is notified.

I saw a fan saying that Wei Shao was a helping three pairs of three pairs, I didn’t pick up again.

I just want to say that today, I will give you a small meeting, it is definitely a pig’s heart – really confused.

Do you have a question? When the teammate three-point offline space, shouldn’t you pass? Sixty unfortunately, a six-game call change, the sound of the six-soundtrack, and the other, Wei Shaoye must want to look at the sky: The brother is not easy to be super, but you let me lose so thoroughly.

Lao Zhan, you have to pay for people.

You said that if you are present today, the Lakers have multiple 3D players. Is this a game to pull back?

As for the small Tak, it is recommended to give you a turtle brother.

You turtle brother and hard work, you actually give it an 8-speaking 0, positive and negative value -18, you talk about your way of doing this. this…..

By the way, a lot of brothers will meet the eyebrows, I just want to say four words: I really don’t do anything else.

In the past, the Wogel coach was mentioned before: “Today, it is fever all day, but in order to play, it is a disease.”

According to the
meaning of flu + a fever, the eyebrow should have a good place to rest, but people have chosen to fight, and finally got 20 points 6 rebounds.

There is no eyebrows, this is twice, today I don’t think it is.

Look at opposite, six people bloom, the team’s three-pointed hit rate is 44%,

Fu Ni is a bit of hand to cut 26 points, and Randel will pay 20 points and 16 rebounds 5 assists, and this ball should be taken.

Nicks data

After the end of this game, Knicks and the Green Army, Bucks, and Philadelphia are listed in 6-9.

And the Lakers, completely bid farewell to the top eight …