Leave it! Lakers three plus, I am defeated by 51 minutes, mad 29 + 10 + 11, only 3 mistakes is too surprised!

Beijing time November 27th, the 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. In today’s focus battle, the Lakers hosted the challenge of the Kings. After 48 minutes and the fierce competition of 3 overtime, the Lakers https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com finally defeated the Kings from 137: 141, and the record became 10 wins and 11 losses.

I have to say that I have lost to the opponent through three overtime tips at home, this loss is a pity for the Lakers. The Lakers have played anomaly today. James 25 is only 10, and the three-pointer 13 in the three points.

However, Wei Shao has been very good today. The game, Wei Shao played 51 minutes, 18 shots 10, 3 of the ball 4 in 2, free throw 9 in 7, the total acquisition 29 points 10 rebound 11 assists 2 steals, he has only three mistakes today. This is the 5th three pairs of personal https://www.maillotbasket6.com people in the season, and it is also the 189th three pairs of career.

In the first half competition, the defensive alliances did all, only 43 points respectively. After entering section 3, Wei Shao fully controlled the game, he was in a https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
single section of 5 shots in Section 3, of which three points 2, free throw 3, 3, get 13 points 2 rebounds 2 assists. Whether it is outside the outside, it is still a breakthrough, and Wei Shao has made the king team difficult to make. It is under his leadership, and the Lakers can laid a winning advantage in Section 3.

In the end of the game, the Lakers met the tenacious counterattack of the Kings, and they once in the first 2 minutes before the finals. Wei Shao first shot, and then assists 3 divided scores in the hit. In the first overtime game, Wei Shao lay in the basket helped the team https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com ahead of 4 points, followed by the key to Davis hit. In the second overtime and 3 overtime game, Wei Shao also has excellent play.

What is exciting is that when the third overtime will be over, the Lakers has fallen behind, and the ball is in the hands of the Kings, and Wei Shao has completed the steal, helping the Lakers won a line of life. Just with the whole country in Hilde, the Lakers eventually regrets.

Although the Lakers lost today, it can be seen that Wei Shao has played more and more excellent. I believe that with the deepening season, he will become more and more tacit with https://www.nbatrikots4.com the Lakers.