Li Tie explained the reason for the Guo Guofu, and the coach of Oman praised the Chinese team.

South American preliminaries, Pacquetta breaks, Brazil 1 to 0 defeated Colombia.Prior to advance from the Qatar World Cup next year. For the Brazilian team, they will advance the World Cup in advance is not news, but not entering the World Cup is the news, and the national foot is just the opposite.

It has been unbeaten in the world of Brazil, which is also the first team in South America to advance to Qatar World Cup.Brazil has taken the main scene of 11 consecutive victories in the South American World Preliminaries, refreshes the home consecutive record record of South America. The Samba Legion is a world-class preliminaries in South America. It is not encountered by any obstacles to enter the Catar World Cup.

After the game, the Brazilian players got the team at the locker room to celebrate the team, and the Brazilian admiration has also written: “Brazil will participate in the World Cup again, I hope that you will cheer for Brazil in 2022.”This will be Brazil twice to participate in the World Cup, they have never lacking the final circle. Even the fans ridiculeBrazilian is stable! One is a steady, one is a steady bureau.

Brazil advances to Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey the 22nd World Cup, which means that since the birth of this event, Brazil has never missed the final circle. The number of Samba Legion promoted the final circle, the number of games, winners, goals, and winning the championship home. It is worthy of the football kingdom, and the country’s large Brazilian originator Luo Guofeng, Alan and Axson can only cast envious eyes.

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Brazil has already appeared, and the rest of the game is to practice the new soldier. They are too powerful in South America.

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