Lin: Chinese football is in 20 years, everything is shrinking

Chinese football is currently in an unprecedented dilemma, whether it is a league or a national team. In this Kits Football Kits regard, the forefront of the foreigners in Italy has heard of the predecessor.

According to Japan, Libe is exchanged in the current situation of Chinese football when communicating with the famous Shuzheroni and others. He revealed that in that year, Chinese football can attract top foreign aids with high salary, but now the situation is different, and everything is like returning 20 years ago, whether it is a player or coach to pay a salary, then the top Liverpool Jersey foreign aid will not come again. Play the ball.

That is, the helper of the longest, Madoni has also said that he even said that Chinese football is a false prosperity, and Chelsea Jersey now these bubbles are poked. If you can say like Lip, Chinese football is 20 years. After all, we have also entered the World Cup in 2001, but now we are very far away from the World Cup, and the league is also in full collapse crisis. It seems like returning to the beginning of the professional league.

Think about that in the last three or four years, the Chinese Football Association Zhuang Zhuang wants to build the world’s sixth major league. Nowadays, almost half of the league teams have a living crisis, the players are self-dangerous, and the adult players are falling into the market. Among the vicious circles of the salary, the small player seems to see that his future will not be out, and what will then, the young training teenage will think, as a parent is willing to let the child walk Lionel messi Jersey such a road, is it really believed? Play the ball?

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