Lions Lions coach the Patriots 26-10 win play against his former club coach first victory

Beijing time at 8:20 on September 24 morning, the Detroit Lions vs. New England Patriots. This season, for a coach of the Lions without victory last two games, while the Patriots in the last game of last season also lost to the American League finals opponent Jacksonville Jaguars. Whoever lost the game, will be the beginning of the season losing streak, so this game is crucial for both teams important. Lions finally to 26:10 victory over the Patriots, which is Lions coach Matt – first victory as a head coach Patricia achieved.


The new coach of the Lions this season, Matt – Patricia since 2004, joined the New England Patriots, and from 2012 has been as Patriots defensive coordinator.

Today, the multi-branch “under dog” team less grams, Washington Redskins 31:17 victory over the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills 27: 6 victory over the Minnesota Vikings, but the game Lions also 26:10 victory over the new England Patriots.

Patriots are completely avoided Lions in the first half, five minutes did not get a first down before the end of the second.

Lions in this year’s NBA draft, selected in the second round rookie running back Cleon – Johnson. He ran the ball broke through the one hundred yards in the game, this is the Lions since 2013 Thanksgiving Day shootout for the first time in a single game running the ball over the running back one hundred yards.

Wonderful review

He made a six-year Patriots defensive coordinator Matt – Patricia obviously Patriots offense and defense are well aware, in the first half, the Lions took the initiative completely. The first attack would rely on wide receiver Gordon – Tate steady progress in the first six minutes left in the game when the Patriots came to the red zone. 4 files facing short code number 1 yard, Lions chose to stabilize the main, let kicker Matt – Nelspruit easily hit the free kick, 3: 0 lead in the lead in the home. Then in their second offense, running back Creon – Johnson through their own powerful personal ability to break through the layers of defense time and time again to help the Lions got the first attack. And when the second beginning, Lions quarterback Matthew – Stafford before the Patriots end zone, a short pass to wide receiver Kenny – Gola wearing scored touchdowns, 10 : 0. Lions apparently Yuezhanyueyong at home, in the next attack is easy to break into the Patriots red zone, 5 minutes left in the first half when a free kick in again expanded Scores, 13: 0. The Patriots just before half-time, by quarterback – Tom Brady and tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski connection, only 44 seconds left in the first half when a free-hit ball, this avoiding the first half was zero closure embarrassing situation.

The Lions came back after halftime in the third quarter began less than two minutes to send a steals, quarterback Matthew – Stafford’s pass directly Patriots linebacker Jia Waen – this Terry at the Patriots 48 yards at halftime to pick. Patriots quarterback – Tom Brady once again go into battle, tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski of powerful personal ability to make the Lions did not guard, and finally in the third quarter with a 10-minute when a short pass to running back James Brady – White scored touchdowns, 13:10. In the past the Patriots will score expanded to only 3 points when Matthew – Stafford resisted the pressure. In the next attack, 3 minutes left in the third time, a long pass wide receiver Marvin – Jones made touchdowns, 20: 10. And the next attack, and again hit the Patriots red zone. Finally, kicker Matt – Pratt hit 32 yards free kick, 23:10. In the last half of the fourth quarter when the time – Tom Brady wanted to try a long pass wide receiver Phillip – Dorset, but the intent of passing completely Lions star cornerback Darius – sre to see through, and after the completion of Srebrenica steals the ball right back to the hands of the Lions. Brady game last a long pass in 4th gear failure gamble one’s own red zone, which makes the Lions scored their fourth kick of the game, 26: 10.

Player data

Lions quarterback Matthew – Stafford 36 pass 21, 262 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 steals. Running back Creon – Johnson ran the ball 16 times 101 yards. Wide receiver Marvin – Jones 4 times the ball 69 yards, 1 touchdowns.

Patriots quarterback – Tom Brady pass 26 in 14, 133 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 steals. Running back Sony – 14 Mitchell ran the ball 50 yards. Tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski 4 catches for 51 yards.


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