Liu Wei column | Football can become a star ball in the universe

Recently, the concept of “Yuancos” is hot. “Yuancos” is a virtual space parallel to real world, independent of the real world, is a map of real-world online virtual world, is more and more real digital virtual world.

From the “number player” to “out of control player”, the public’s cognitive process of the concept of the Yuan Universe is the first step by step in entity scenes such as the hospital. Many analytical articles, “Oasis” in the movie “No. Players” to explain the concept of Yuancos. People go through helmet equipment, enter a virtual world, where you have a new identity, as well as derived social circles, and even a new way of operation. You have also encountered a favorite girl, she touched you, although it is in the game, but wear a body feeling, I really feel a sharp Football Shirts Wholesale current.

Liu Wei column | Football can become a star ball in the universe

At this stage, the game pursuing the virtual world sensory experience is closest to the “Yuan Universe” prototype, “live football”, etc. also contains it. But football is closer to the universe than ordinary games that the digital collection of football world has been very developed, and there is more than 100,000 data generated by football competition. In the eye of the data analyst, the three-semester on the field is the code that is uninterrupted on the computer screen in the “hacker empire”.

In the European Five League Club, data analysts are standard. The collected data is enriched to restore or even reconstruct a game from countless sides. It is the basic construction element of the digital twin football field, each turf, every seat, will be accurately digitized and exactly restore in any place in the world. You can talk to the same stadium and chat with the same stadium with a thousand miles of friends.

In the future, if the human brain and the network Mbappé Jersey have realized the Internet, the consciousness in our minds can become the “objective world” in the Yuancosian. You imagine a football, what you think is identified by the network, this football can become an objective virtual object in the Yuancosian, and can also make this football through virtual digital production technology. If your beloved team is lost, you can put a virtual event to make your team win the way you like.

Perhaps this kind of any door shuttle and some participation have taken a period of time, but the digitalization of football makes the infrastructure and framework of the creative universe tend to mature. On the other hand, the game is beginning to ablation, and the founder will be just the earliest player, not the owner, the rule is determined by the community. So, football is expected to become a Mbappé Jersey creation star ball in the Yuancos.