Los Angeles, star, star, frequently surrender, and elsewood.

The outer hand is Robert Woods to achieve a reachable in the game of Los Angeles Rasquet 38-31, the game of Mingnesida, but may not think that someone is in his time when he is beautiful. The family is also “reached”.

According to a spokesperson of the Los Angeles Police Bureau, at 7:20, on Thursday, they received a telephone number 23100 Mariano Street, Woodland, and Robert-Woods’s home was burglary. A source close to Woods confirmed this incident, but Woods did not immediately post a comment.

The police said that the property in Woods is stolen, and the criminal is still unhappy.

Woods has lowned this season, especially in the nearly two games, the 104 yards of 2 times, and 101 yards, the exquisite data is worth mentioning is that the two game Gaoff is aimed at his 16th pass. He received 15 times. This outstanding ball capability will make Sean McDely trust this team weapon. Of course, Woods will not be influenced by theft incident in the game, while the murderer’s fantasy opening will also plenty of some of his little loss due to theft incident.

In recent days, Los Angeles is not very good, especially the star’s residential buildings become the “fragrant” of theft. Robert – Woods’s experience is much “unpleasant” in the joy of victory, and this stolen will also let him upgrade the anti-theft measures at home. After all, how can a person stumble twice on the same stone? There is such a person, tripping four times on the same stone.

Earlier this month, the personality star of the American Baseball Grand League Los Angeles Dodge Teach is the same at home on the game of Aroladoloqui, which is already the fourth encountered within 18 months. The second home is stolen. The Kirin arm of Puig is the killer of him, but his child’s general character is also well-known. Maybe theft has a “glorious” in his human nature, so many “care” for his home. .

Although Woods’s pain, Puigg is the best; but Woods will not take him through him.

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