Louisiana Senator is expected to face the union executive "face-to-face" due to misjudgment NFL

The heat generated by the controversy of the national contest has increased, even if an ordinary fans can continue to express their views on social software. However, it does not mean that the government’s senior personnel have been in this incident. At least Louisiana Senator Bill Cassey is still awkward, and goes to the Senate public shouting alliance.

Kassi’s speech is about 5 minutes. When he said in half, he suddenly took out the photos of the Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Sagadan to the Federation of the Federation, and told: “The whole Louisiana Everything happened in the national contest held in the Dome Stadium! For the people of the hometown, this thing makes them have been plagued. “

Casidi refers to the matter of the country, the national union finals, there is less than 2 minutes. At that time, the Saint team took the finish Tommy Li – Lewis was taken by the Rago Knikur on the travel route. Robbobalman hits, this is a clear pass interference penal, but the referee did not throw a yellow flag. It is this missing judgment, so that the ravess will have the opportunity to reverse the Saint team to win the game. Afterwards, the Alliance acknowledges this is a no controversial foul, and emphasizes Robbalman and the actions of the helmet and is imposed on it, but all remedies can’t make time, can’t let Saints The team entered the dream of the super bowl.

“This is the most obvious in NFL history, and it is also the most serious mistake!” Cassy said, not only the fans of the Saint team felt angry, like NBA star Brang-James, Texas French Defense General JJ – Watt also has previously been signed by the Saint Sagander Detz – Bryant’s super stars in the twitter condemned this incident. And he suggests that the referee may secretly prefer the eloquet, calling on NFL to launch a comprehensive investigation. Finally, he ended the complaint and called on NFL’s officials to face some questions about the game and alliance operation methods because the alliance had a profound impact on the United States.

NFL still has not released any news about the value of this foul, and now I will continue to ferment, at least during the Super Bowl, you will also see the Saint Fans’ complaint! And this procrastinion will inevitably be back, because no matter what, the fans of the Saint team will not receive their satisfaction.

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